I Fixed It!

Small Mercies is up now. Super sorry about that, I don’t know how I posted it as ‘Private’. I guess the saying “Your hands are the devil’s playground” does have some merit… Advertisements

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In Honor

I’ve been trying to write this for a month and today I decided is the day. Yet, I couldn’t put the words together of what this day means until just now. September 15, 1946 is the day the greatest woman I know was born. Happy birthday to my mother. Sadly there was no celebration with […]

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For those following, I have some news. I finally got all my stories back and I have now published chapter 19 to Immortally Wounded. I am very sorry for the long wait and I hope you like it:) -Ash

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It’s Not What It Seems

Hi all, Today was a bad day, very emotional. Today was just it for me, I’m so tired of looking young while I have the illness I do. I have MS, RRMS to be exact. RRMS is stage 1 of 4 eventual stages of MS. Like a majority of those with this debilitating disease, my […]

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