Here ya go!

OSL chapter 2 for anyone who is reading this story. I see no one has commented, but I am determined to get this story out there and out of my mind. yes, I know the story is a little different than a normal E/S fic, but you must realize: at no time did I ever claim to be normal. hope you like, if so let me know if not then I am sorry,  but let me know what I should add or change and I will consider it.:)


Here I am. I have subscribed to this site a while ago and will post my Eric/Sookie All human stories here and try very hard to keep up and after awhile I may only use this site. who knows;)

I just write my story ideas on here and nothing comes of them, but i mostly will write my inner monologue of a person trying to survive an illness such as Multiple Sclerosis.

Being sick at the prime of your life with three young children is hard and I try everyday. I know life is hard, but you never think it’s gonna be you. And yet here we are.

Anyway, enjoy my stories and thank you for showing any type of interest.