Technical Difficulties

I’m sorry that I can’t post chapter 3 for UF. My computer will let me do a lot of things like read play and games, but won’t let me save a story or write a story! What kind of shit is that? You know how sometimes when someone pisses you off and you just wanna punch them in the neck? This is one of those times. However, I haven’t figured out where a neck would be located on a laptop and I may get electrocuted by the damn thing(you know how Florida has that stand your ground law that protects everything but the victim?). Well, anyway I’m trying to figure something out and I’ll be back with you guys soon. 

I’m back with a new story:):)

After so long dealing with being sick, I’m back. I had tons of ideas and have a full stock of stories that I’m not even sure I want post…except one. I saw this movie on Hallmark of all stations(they got some good movies!)and this story came to fruition. Ultimum Folium ~ Latin for The last leaf.
Eric went to Oklahoma with a heavy heart and did what he had to do to toe the line with the queen.
He then picked a hobby that would change everything for him.