Ain’t This Some SH**!!!

I’m so tired of the ridiculous reviewers that leave scathing anonymous reviews. I just read one in the comments section of a story on and I just… ugh! Really? You don’t got shit else to do? Seriously?
I was reading a new General Hospital story and although it was short, I wanted to read more and I’ll check back.
Now what pissed me off was a review by a guest reader that is extremely rude and stupid.
The punk ass guest reviewer was mad it was too short for their liking and said the author shouldn’t write on the site. That was just the oomph my Soapbox needed and in my review after a quick review on the little short just for anyone else with shitty ideas in mind.
I said:

—This a personal message to the author that I’m writing in the comments instead of a pm because I want other readers to see this.
To Guest reviewers, the authors on this FREE site write for their own pleasure and chooses to share their ideas with us. So if there is anything you don’t like stop reading and write the author a pm(personal message) and save your ridiculously rude remarks for when your punk ass is brave enough to have an identity to give the author of the story you just trashed a chance to write back and properly defend themselves.
It’s sad that I just posted something similar on another FREE site. You annoying ass reviewers act like you’re paying to read these stories, join the site so you can write all those personal crappy remarks discretely.

It’s quite annoying how this is allowed, but if you have a racy scene in a story that’s the end of the world. If you don’t like something stop dealing with it. I’m sorry if that seems like common sense, but I ran out of fucks to give.


2 thoughts on “Ain’t This Some SH**!!!

  1. Anon flames are the main reason I’ve moved primarily to WordPress. After I got anonymously slammed for my story “The List” a couple of years ago, it took me awhile (months) to regain the confidence to keep writing. I don’t think these jerkholes realize how much damage they do to someone who is expressing themself FOR FREE. Would they go to an art gallery and throw marinara sauce on the canvases that aren’t to their taste? Would they spit on a street performer if they didn’t like the genre of music? No, because they’d have to look the artist in the eye.

    Flames are fine. Criticism is fine. Not liking something is fine! But no one is being forced to read ANYTHING that they dislike. I’ve stopped reading several stories because I didn’t like the way they were progressing (but usually because of atrocious grammar/spelling). If you dislike something so strongly that you just have to say something to the author, have the metaphorical balls to “look them in the eye” and sign your name.

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