Soo Here It Is….

I finally posted chapter 17. I don’t know if you guys have dealt with it or not, but libreoffice kept shutting down and holding my stories hostage. It finally worked a few minutes ago after threatened Windows 10 and all the holdings of libreoffice and duh,duh,duh CH.17!


One thought on “Soo Here It Is….

  1. hey it will not let us reply under the story. i know we were all having issues with it and you need to make sure your setting are correct and approve reply’s.

    anyway, loved the chapter. i understand why you did it and i figured you were up to no good…. so iron huh, i think she wants to make sure she cannot be hurt. won’t it be a hoot, for her to walk downstairs before Pam glamours them all and gives Pam a big old hug and a kiss on the cheek. KY

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