Just saw this! What? ? Please read, seems a little insane to me. 

Check out @chelseahandler’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/chelseahandler/status/826654744571736064?s=09


4 thoughts on “Just saw this! What? ? Please read, seems a little insane to me. 

  1. What a loon! WTF assassination panel that I’ve never heard of before. And Breitbart isn’t a propaganda website, or a White nationalist racist news site. I read news from all kinds of websites and don’t need a lame comedienne telling me what something means. I prefer to determine that for myself.

    And hey! Why didn’t you tell me you’ve written some FanFiction? I think when I first met you on fanfic as a fellow reader, you didn’t have any. I used to check out the stories you followed cuz I’m such an E/S addict, and tonight I went to send you a PM on FanFiction and saw your stories, checked your Bio, came over here, and here I am!

    If you haven’t read The Enchanted Forest by JewelPearl https://m.fanfiction.net/u/1931663/ check it out! It’s a new E/S story that I’m halfway through and it’s really good. When I finish it I’ll be reading yours. Life is good in the Fandom. Let me know if you need me to retype the stories on your laptop. I wouldn’t mind helping you out (and getting to read them at the same time) 😆

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