Hello… Is Thing On

It’s been a ride. I’ve been rather busy with IV steroids and cameras. I know you’re wondering what’s this about cameras?
You know all the new technology and research we find everyday, we as a humans have become deeply involved in the digital world. All the new tests and scans are all very thorough and intriguing until we have to take or do one. For one reason or another we don’t do the necessary preventive testing that could save our lives or prevent the simple things like the pesky flu, whether it be fear or finances. People, it’s hard making decisions on what is the most embarrassing test we will be willing to succumb to. Believe me I get it.
I am no different, but my issue always was finances as I am a product of two sick parents and both situations could have been prevented or controlled. When I began having all the symptoms(and I do mean ALL of them) of MS I had to make choices of which bill wouldn’t get paid in order to get every test done to figure OUT why I suddenly couldn’t walk or talk anymore.
Once I had my diagnosis, I was so relieved! Not being able to use my cell or eat a whole bunch of goodies for awhile was quite alright with me.
Now, I had to have a new test(s) done and I was willing to do the test as I needed to find out if there was anything else wrong with me as new things keep popping up and that sux so much balls. Seriously.
I have been having a problem eating. It’s really weird because I am soo hungry, but I just don’t feel like it.
I am too tired.
Fatigue is a major symptom in MS that effects every MS patient differently. This just had to be the problem, but I have a very thorough neurologist(handles my MS) and sent me to a gastroenterologist to help figure this out as I hadn’t eaten in almost 2 weeks and I was so hungry.
I went for my visit and found the doctor was very nice until he told me what the tests would be. I was to have two procedures the same day and I wasn’t too sure of that, but hey better to find out now than down the line when my stomach explodes(I watch tv and that’s so not cute).
I had to do a endoscopy and colonoscopy. Yay, I know right…
Anyway, as I was willing to do the test, but I still had my reservations and just didn’t feel right about it.
My friend noticed this and asked what was up and I told her.
“I feel the test is necessary, but I have an issue with cameras going down my throat into my stomach taking pictures and live feed and another camera going in my butt also filming the poo show, I feel very Discovery Channel.” She looked me confused and asked why. So I told her,
“See, when we are born, we do not have digital appliances embedded in our bodies making mini movies.
I have an issue with having things in my body that aren’t suppose to be there, especially in my butt.”
It might be just me, but I just don’t get down like that.
Needless to say I took my first home video of ‘The Poop Show’.
Anywho, gotta go more to write/edit more for e/s:)


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