Never Say Never

I had a check up with my Neurologist on Monday which is an appointment I never want to go to. It’s good to find out how your doing when you have MS or any other disease really, but I’m really getting tired of being told it’s not getting better or I’n not really getting any better. Who does really?

However, this day my luck turned around. My neurologist asked me what I thought or was hoping this visit would be like since I started taking this new medicine. I answered as per usual that I hoped it would better than the visits over the last nearly seven years. He just kept looking at his papers, I guess making sure of the results before he spoke, then he spoke.

My doctor looked up at me with this bewildered look that I naturally assumed I had a booger or some drool escaped. What he said next changed my whole outlook on my future appointments. He said you’ve been on this medicine for almost six months now, right? What the hell? I know giving bad news is terrible especially if you have to give it to someone awesome like me. However, that’s not where this conversation was going, He said ‘On your MRI, it shows some of your lesions are going away or almost gone’. I was shocked! I call the MS lesions on my brain maggots because that’s what they look like on an MRI. So here I am trying to pimp walk out of the room with my walker mind you telling all the patients in he waiting room that my maggots are gone. I’m the youngest one there with the rest of senior citizens of seventy to ninety years old. Therefore I had to explain what my maggots were and I didn’t catch something while on vacation nor is it a side effect of unprotected sex or loose relations as I learned that day.

I thought I would never get better, but here iis and I’m getting better.


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