New Things To Get Used To

Yesterday was like any other day. My oldest son went to Boy Scout summer camp and my daughter which is the youngest went spent the night at a friends house. Ok, cool. That left my middle son, the mini me, cool, we had fun just us hanging out.

I went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping and ran into my daughter, her friend(I should know the girl’s name, but whatever) with the girl’s parents. I was in the same line a few people behind them and I waved to my daughter(7) and said hi. It was nice and simple, not  crazy or embarrassing mostly because I think parents who do that are insane. However, my daughter starting looking like I was some crazy person. Boy, girl gone crazy! Every bit of ghetto came out and I decided since my baby don’t know me all of Walmart was gonna know me. I looked at her, made eye contact and smiled then hell broke loose… I started hollering ‘OH, YOU DON’T KNOW ME? YOU DON’T YOUR MAMMA? LOOK AT THIS, SHE DON’T KNOW HER MAMMA NOW!’ Yes, I went a little overboard, but I couldn’t believe she did that to me. I really didn’t think it would’ve been because I was in one of those complimentary scooters Walmart offers to the old and sick, but there I was and my baby acted like she was embarrassed and I didn’t even do anything embarrassing yet. She learned that day didn’t she? The kicker was when I left a woman asked if I had a mental disability…what? I told her what happened and she agreed it was time to embarrass my daughter.

October will 7 years since my diagnosis and about 5 since I decided it was gonna get down anymore emotionally because physically… Anyway, that was yesterday and today I realized what an effect the grocery situation had on me. I didn’t cry or anything. Ok I did a little bit, but I’m good now and now I know how to put he kids in line.


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