So, so sorry

I am so sorry! I haven’t abandoned any of the stories, but I do Have to make so many changes and updates to my story(ies). Unfortunately, my laptop is a douche and I can’t get to edit or add any chapters. I could just trash the them from my phone, but I’m a wimp and […]

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Ain’t This Some SH**!!!

I’m so tired of the ridiculous reviewers that leave scathing anonymous reviews. I just read one in the comments section of a story on and I just… ugh! Really? You don’t got shit else to do? Seriously? I was reading a new General Hospital story and although it was short, I wanted to read […]

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Plagiarism for Profit

Originally posted on ficlit78:
To my dearest virtual friends… I’m so angry right now that I can barely write. Two weeks ago, a reader informed me that an author over in Vampire Diaries had lifted some of my work from Pretty Kitty and rewritten it into their own (horrible) story. I messaged and confronted them,…

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