Soo Here It Is….

I finally posted chapter 17. I don’t know if you guys have dealt with it or not, but libreoffice kept shutting down and holding my stories hostage. It finally worked a few minutes ago after threatened Windows 10 and all the holdings of libreoffice and duh,duh,duh CH.17!

So Sorry!

I’m so sorry my dears. My computer has been acting ridiculous then I got hooked on another site I found called I started a new story there for Fox’s Empire called Sacrificed Queen and I haven’t stopped yet. I hope to have a chapter or two of IW out to you tomorrow(I’m editing now).

What can I say, drag inspires me……

I was waiting until the weekend to update this story… However, this image had me editing and posting tonight.

I don’t know what it says about me, but I’m ok with my Swedish baby daddy becoming my Swedish baby mama….

I read the story behind this and I am glad I can still fantasize about this Hollywood Viking raiding.. me(whatever), but if he was to switch teams that’s ok. Why? Because no other woman(not me) would have him.