U. F. CH. 8 is up

Sorry it has taken so long to update. I had been going through colds/flus that sent me into a ridiculous flare-up. I kept drawing blanks with this story and finally came up with something I hope you like. This may be the end unless you all want more, but it’ll be a while since I’m now going to physical therapy and it takes a lot out of me. I’m sorry my illness gets in the way of my creativity, but I promise I’ll be back;)

U.F. CH.7

So sorry this took so long.The lovely MySecretO had to recover from surgery and also make up time on her story then me and my stupid decided to think. Never again. I thought back to school was the parents vacation, not so much. I somehow forgot how much you still have to do and here I was prepared to relax from 8am to 3pm, but not likely since I have to do all my doctor appointments and physical therapy between those hours. Sooo here I am apologizing from the bottom of my heart hoping you’ll forgive me.

U.F. Chapter 6

Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been going through a MS flare-up that is in no way wonderful at all. My lovely beta had some surgery and had to take time time to heal, but with her magical betaness(I’m just making up words) she made time for this chapter. I’m bringing this new chapter to you now with the promise the next will be out soon.