Immortally Wounded Ch.1



It’s been days since I’ve seen her, let alone feel her.
I had to though.
I had to be away from her, be away from her to get a hold of the emotions that comes from a maker’s death.
I never realized how much pain and turmoil that was Ocella’s attachment. I never really loved him and I never really cared all that much for him. Some how my heart was broken. With all the love and admiration my child Pam and I share, one can only hope that we won’t go through that.
Sookie wanted to kill him for all the history I’ve told her, maybe I shouldn’t have revealed so much. My wife tried to kill my maker. I can’t believe Sookie was so ruthless as to give him a condition for his life. She will make a perfect vampire.
I know her feelings of being turned and to get old as a human and die as a human. I have told her the many benefits to coming over. I assured her even though maker and child don’t last long as couples, we would because of the bond and love we share. She wouldn’t hear of it and won’t let me talk of it.
I am here now sitting on her porch swing and I can’t wait to see her. I assume she is at work, she had to get back into the swing of things. I told her I didn’t like it and didn’t want her to. I was going to to forbid it when she said that she’d only do a few shifts for few hours. Well, I found that better than her going back to her normal hours out of spite for forbidding her to return to work. Sookie does not understand that now we’re bonded and pledged, she should not work
“I have to work to better control my telepathy and most of all, I will not be your Bon- Bon eating kept woman!” she yelled.
“You won’t be a kept woman, cause your my wife!” I shouted.
“I’m not your wife Eric! You know damn well that was all strategy!” she shouted back.
“Yes, a strategy that kept you home instead of Vegas!” I yelled.
That shut her up and unfortunately shut her down. I couldn’t take it so I left. It all seems to be so trivial now. I have missed her so much. I’ve taken my days for… emotional release.
I need her, I miss her and I don’t care if she is still mad about our fight, I just need her. I’m willing to do and give anything to just hold her, touch her, kiss her. It’s been hours now, how long is she working.
I don’t know what’s going on with Sookie, but I know it wasn’t an accident that has her so jumpy staring at the door every time someone comes in. I know she’s very independent, but after a so-called car accident you don’t comeback to work after 2 weeks. She said Eric is busy so she wants to work regular hours, I know not to argue with her about work even if I am the boss. She looks pale after a few hours and refuses to take breaks especially if she has to go outside. What’s up with that? I don’t know, but something happened that she is acting like she’s waiting for the apocalypse to start raining down outside. I want to hug and tell her it’s okay, but I know she’ll think I’m crazy. I mean look at her, she’s been here almost 8 hours. She needs to go home and recuperate, she looks dead on her feet.
“Sookie, go home, your filling salt shakers.” I smiled.
She looked like she was going to object but said nothing and left the salt shakers.
“I wish you would tell me what really happened…” I said under my breath as she walked out the back door.


9 thoughts on “Immortally Wounded Ch.1

    1. You probably have when it was on I want to do editing on the other chapters, so the story should be updated pretty quickly😊 Thanks for reading.

  1. Wow. Stuff starts right away! I like that Eric is willing to put aside his pride to see her; that his feelings for her allow his heart to overrule his head.

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