Immortally Wounded CH.10

A/N: This chapter is short. Sorry, at the time I wrote it I was going through a round of steroid injections and let me tell you, steroids wear you out. I also used a character of my own which is named after my brother who supported me through this and wanted to be a bad guy(for once).


I was lost in thought the whole way to Merlotte’s and some how made it there with a few minutes to spare. I parked in the employee lot and grabbed my purse to get out when I remembered my note. I looked at the letter and smelled that scent that tickles my nerves. Eric. I ran my fingertips over the seal knowing he put his tongue there to seal it closed. Eric. As I pulled the letter from the envelope I heard Sam coming out the back to head over to his trailer. “Hey Sookie!” he smiled his Sam smile. I quickly shoved the letter back into my purse. “Hey Sam, how you doing?” I asked with an equally bright smile. “I’m good, it’s slow so if it doesn’t pick up in a few hours you can go home” he smiled happily all the time thinking I’m so strong to be hiding all the pain in, but mostly because I survived. I thought about what he said and what he was thinking, feeling like I should have never told him about the kidnapping even though I didn’t go into detail.” You alright Sook?” noting my face dropping. ” Yeah, I’m fine just a little tired, but I’m good to go” I said hoping to hide my sadness. Everyone who knows treats me like I’m weak. “Ok, I know your resilient, but I don’t want you back until you are truly ready.. maybe another week or two” he said with a resolve I have never seen before. “Thanks Sam, really this is what I need to help me” I said with determination and a hint of compassion. He looked at me as if I’d break if he looked away for a second, that shit has to stop. I. AM. NOT. WEAK. Period. I decided to smile and just choose now to escape. ” I’ll see you inside”.


It is so slow to today and I can only hope Sookie won’t want to stay for her shift. I know things are different now Eric is in the picture permanently it seems. She’s changing, I don’t know if she is building a protective shell against Supes or if the magic is taking over. I waited for her to come in so I could send her back out, when she pulled up a few minutes early I hopped out the employee entrance to see her sitting in her car. Something she doesn’t do, she gets here and gets started. She is my best waitress, well she also has her telepathy thing to help her out. Either way I smell trouble that seems to follow her around. For someone so good and so innocent, she really has no idea what is happening around her. I tried to head her off with the bar is slow excuse, but she was determined and wanted to work her shift.

I have been waiting for the opportunity to show Sookie exactly how I feel about her, but Supe shit keeps getting in the way. I try to be her friend and show her how she should be treated, but always second to the damn vamps. They don’t respect her or her talent, they just see a pay day. It really pisses me off that she doesn’t see this, she was a self proclaimed freak for so long no matter what I told her. Now she seems to be so enthralled by death that she doesn’t see that they are just using her.

I know she’s in love with the vampire, but she could have very easily been in love with me. I wasted 6 years pining away for her, but I was scared that she wouldn’t accept my difference. Only to be pushed aside by a damn vamp. I know I could have told her how I truly felt, but she was so shy that I was afraid that I’d scare her off.

Watching her help the bar patrons with a smile, knowing she went through that, she is something truly to behold. I don’t know if I could be tortured and broken and still come back to my life like nothing even happened. I guess I’ll just keep a close watch on her. We’ve been having a lot of the FOTS showing up causing problems.

There has been one in particular that seems ok, but he just seems off. He is a good looking guy with short dark hair. He looks like he may be mix races, his skin is dark and smooth looking. He hasn’t caused any problems, like spouting off religious jargon. I’ve been watching him around Sookie, he seems to be fascinated. I don’t like how he watches her, like she’s a lab experiment He sits in her section and orders a Bud Light and shot of tequila. When she smiles at him when taking his orders he looks to be enthralled with her. Sookie is so kind and caring, that she looks passed his attraction to her. I know she is reading his mind and is using her years of practice to deflect his sick, horny mind.


Walking from the back to the front of the bar I hope not to see my biggest fan. He is FOTS, but he does it because of his dad. His resolve to follow in the footsteps of a great leader has him confounded. He really is a handsome man. His skin is silky smooth and his voice is deep and commanding. He orders a Bud and a shot whenever he comes in and always over tips. When he pays he never puts the money on the table like normal Merlotte’s customers. He makes sure to put the money in my hand so he can smooth his fingers across the palm of my hand. His thoughts are often sweet and non threatening, but so are most people when they want to sway you before they kill you. He’s come every few days and always sits in my section. Today is different, he is very withdrawn, lost in his thoughts. He is always nice to me and never treats me as if I’m just his servant. Today that changed. “Hi Doug, what can get ya?” I said with a winning smile. ” Well, Sookie what can’t you get me?” he said with a leer. I’m so glad my years of faking could help me. I was seriously creeped out. I just smiled and stared at him while I opened my shields.

‘I don’t want to do it..she’s so kind and beautiful’.He thought while between me and his clutched hands.

All I could do is walk away to get his beer. I saw Sam watching and I’m sure I had my crazy Sookie smile on now. “Cher, what was he thinking?” he whispered. “Don’t worry, he’s harmless” I said with a wink. I took the beer to Doug’s table and gave a smile, he looked as if he saw a ghost. “Are you ok? You look like something scared you” I asked. He gave me a withering look and I dove into his head again.

‘My dad is just going to have to mad at me cause I’m not going to hurt her just because she loves a vampire’ he thought.

It broke my heart to see someone trying to live up to someone else’s standards. I’m sure he knows I can read minds, especially since FOTS is always trying to get me. I want to console him, but my second mind says I should keep up the unsuspecting charade just in case.


4 thoughts on “Immortally Wounded CH.10

  1. Sigh, I wanted Sookie to read Eric’s note. I hope she doesn’t forget about it for too long. I’m glad Doug is going against orders but that might mean someone else worse will be sent. Poor Sam – too little, too late.

  2. Wish she would read the note. I’m afraid she’ll forget until too late. Sam’s an idiot always was. Never really tried to make a move until someone else paid her attention

  3. Sam was always an idiot as far as i was concerned, he never asked her out never told her how he felt until it was too late, but i think if they had gotten together they both would have need miserable… as for Doug he can only go against his dad’s wishes for so long before one of them pops. KY

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