Immortally Wounded CH.11

A/N: I have another surprise for you. KYSun, this one’s for you;)


” Hello viking” her voice almost purred. I shot my eyes open to see the most beautiful creature. I smiled at her and looked around to see I was no longer under the closet. I was now laying in a bed. A bed? I looked at the blanket that covered me and smiled. This is Sookie’s bed, but where is she? At work for the dog. ” Calm viking” I look over to see her sitting in Sookie’s chair in the corner of the room. “Where have you been? I’ve missed you.” I said with ‘actual’ sincerity. She smiled and walked over to me. I sat up and was happy for the blanket. She sat on the bed and grabbed my hand in her small one. “Sue Lynn, what happened to you? I looked all over for you, in every country I went to.” I said as the memories of her flashed through my mind. “Brother, I have always been around.” she paused. ” I’ve been watching you, I stayed in the background to let you become who you are.” she smiled. She stood up and walked over to gaze at Sookie’s family photos on the wall, I could only smile.

Sue Lynn has been one of my most favorite people, she is strong and brave. We first met centuries ago during the Fae war. She did not want to fight, but she had to be there as a soldier for her father and prince. I hid in the brush between the forest and meadow where the battlefield was, watching and waiting. I saw someone sneaking off towards the forest when a vampire, Lotus was his name, grabbed her.


“Where do you think your going?” he growled in her neck. I sat and watched, waiting. The way her eyes darted around looking for any assistance was not lost on me. She appeared to be lost and scared, at this point I had tasted fairies and was saddened that Lotus had gotten to her first. I thought back and forth if I should relieve him f his prize. When he ran his fangs across her throat I became enraged and stepped out of my hiding place. “What do you have there Lotus?” I asked in a commanding tone. His eyes flashed on me with bloodlust, he was older than me. “My meal, why are hiding in there?” he asked with skepticism dripping off him. “No matter, just watching, waiting.” I smiled. He looked at me with a hatred only a vampire can give. “Little warrior, go on and find another child to amuse.” he said with a chuckle. I was irate at being dismissed by cretin such as him. “No, I think I will allow her to amuse me over your ashen corpse..” I laughed. He drop her and stood at the ready to fight me for the blood and I was more than willing to allow the courtesy of my sword. She looked on in fear and began to chant words I did not understand. I looked at her to see what she was doing. That was my first mistake, being focused on the woman, I was punched throwing me back a few feet. I landed on my feet, but that didn’t make him pause. He came at me with is sword raised above his head. When our swords collided he stumbled back giving me an opening that I gratefully took. I beheaded him with one swipe of my sword and stood over his flaking body staring at the woman. She stepped forward and took my hand. As she held my hand over her heart, I realized I didn’t have any bloodlust it all seemed to have dissipated.

” Thank you young vampire, I will gladly repay you for intervening” she said as a single tear rolled down her cheek. I was.. touched. She allowed herself to be in the presence of a monster with no regard for herself. ” Why were you sneaking in the forest?” I asked not sure if I’d get an answer. She took in a deep breath and looked up at me with sorrowful eyes and said. “I don’t want to fight and kill”. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. “Then why are you here? I’m sure not everyone is here fighting, but still?” I asked in disbelief, though I knew a lot of Breandan’s army were forced into the fight. Her eyes dropped to the floor as she began her story. “What I tell you may not give you stature among the vampires, but fairies…I will tell you anyway…” she trailed off. I wondered what she could say that would or wouldn’t give me acknowledgment. I was about to ask when she said.”Breandan is my father”.

I was at a complete loss for words. I could only look at her. ” I don’t want to hurt anyone and because he is my father I have to be here” she squared her shoulders. I had no words that would be off any help to her cause so I said what I was thinking. “I won’t tell anyone where you run off to” she smiled at me and I smiled back. I lost most of my humanity, but I did not lose my compassion. I let go of her and stepped back and raised my arm to the forest so she could leave.

” What is your name warrior?” she asked looking in my eyes as if I’d lie about my name. “Eric” I said in a barely audible whisper. ” Eric” she said as if seeing how my name tasted in her mouth. “When you need me I will be there, brother. I will not forget this day” she smiled and popped away. I looked around me and found myself alone, I wanted to talk to her about the blood lust I assume that was what she was chanting about. I walked back to my group and told them I found Lotus and it appeared he was slain. I smelled fairy in the area but no traces. I was just brushed off as if nothing I said was of any importance so I walked away to look for cover for the day.

I went to my rest thinking about the fairy princess. She was kind and I didn’t want her the way I want any and all women. I wanted to protect her and comfort her. She called me brother and I felt every sense of the word. I was woken out of my day time rest by a sharp jolt and sat up only to find myself in a cave. “Sleep brother, I am here” I couldn’t see where the voice was coming from so I laid back and asked. ” Why am I here?” I heard someone taking a deep breath before saying ” Fairies were to attack during the daylight, so I came for you.” she said as if it was a matter of fact. “Thank you, but won’t you be in trouble?” I asked hoping that was not the case for my savior. “Maybe, but I’m not going back ” she said with determination. “Will you be coming with me?” I asked. “No, I can not. You don’t react to me, but the others around you will” she said sadly. “Yes, of course. Why is that?” I asked hoping to change the subject since she seems to affected by not coming with me. ” I’m not sure, the best I could tell is that you must be at least part fairy in order to not react at all.” she said with a sigh. “Part fairy?” I asked shocked beyond belief. “Yes, I sense a spark, but it has faded. Most likely from being turned.” she said. I sat and thought back to my parents and couldn’t see how it was possible. “Do you react to other fairies?” she asked almost excited. I had to think about that, I reacted when in their presence and when I drank from them, but that’s all. ” Yes, I enjoy the taste and smell” I said regretting my words as soon as they left my lips. ” Huh, well now I know why I told you what I did” she said, I could tell she was smiling. I smiled back and asked . “How?” she came and sat in my lap, which I found odd. “Because, if your part fairy and have no reaction to me then we are related!” she giggled hugging me. I hugged her back and smiled, I lost my family to vampirism and now I have a new relative to take that empty place.

“Brother?” I was stirred from my thoughts. “Yes, I was thinking how much Sookie will love you” I smiled at her. “I’ve been watching her and I already like her, she is your match.” she giggled looking at me. I lost contact with her over the last few centuries. Maybe before Pam, I have been looking for her and could never find her. I sat back on the bed feeling a little tired. That reminded me of earlier today. “Sue, can you help me with something?” I asked hoping she’d answer and not mother me as usual. ” Sure Eric, you look worn out. Lay down in bed and I will help you” she smiled sitting on the bed next to me as I lay back covering up. I forgot I was naked. ” I woke early today and I dreamed” I said softly.

She looked at me pensively. “I know. you will wake earlier and earlier now and dream” she said equally as soft. I sure my face showed my feelings cause she began explaining. ” Eric, she is changing. The more of her you consume the more human capabilities you will achieve. She has a spark that is causing her Fae heritage to pronounce itself. Do not fret, there will be no side effects, she will become a force to be reckoned with.” she said assuredly. I was lost in thought, I don’t even know what I was thinking about. Sue noticed this and reached over to hug me. I smiled, welcoming her touch that I hadn’t realized I was missing. “SON OF A BITCH!”

‘Oh shit!’


3 thoughts on “Immortally Wounded CH.11

  1. I do not like cliffies. Sookie has caught them embracing while he was naked? It will be a fight of the epoch-making. Or maybe not. You never know how Sookie can react.

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