Immortally Wounded CH.12

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Watching Doug had become tiresome and I doubt I could even help him, so I just listened and watched. I don’t have any customers, so I decided to go home early. Luckily Sam was OK with it, he thinks I’m still weak. I really wish I didn’t tell him about the kidnapping. “Sam, I’m getting tired, so I’m clearing out of here.” he looked relieved I was going home. That made me want see what he was thinking. However, I figured it was something I didn’t want to know and decided against it. I went to the back to grab my purse and put away my apron when I finally let down my shields so I could feel Eric. He was awake when I was leaving, I wonder if he stayed up.

I hadn’t felt the bond since I got to work. I put my shields up to prevent the bar patron’s gossip about absolutely nothing. As I went to my car I felt how happy Eric was and it didn’t let up, something has him extremely happy and I just needed to get to him so I could see what’s going on.

‘I am not jealous..ok yes I am’. I thought.

As I came closer to the house I listened out for any minds and I only found the void in my house and something else that wasn’t quite a void but a blank. I drove faster up to the house and felt the void upstairs with the blank.

‘What the fuck, Eric?I thought as I went up the stairs when I heard voices but, couldn’t discern what was being said. As I approached the bedroom door I heard the sheet move, so I opened the door.

Eric was hugging some woman on my bed. They didn’t didn’t see me and he was obviously too busy to feel my rage. I stared for moment waiting to see if they noticed me. They didn’t so I felt the need to make myself known. “SON OF A BITCH!” they looked at me as if I was going to explode. I suddenly had no words, so I went downstairs. I didn’t know where to go, so I went out on the porch and sat on the swing. Everything in me wanted to cry, but my anger and pride wouldn’t let me. I closed my eyes and just swung. Swinging can just calm me.. at least for a while.

I don’t know how long I’ve been sitting, it may have been a couple minutes, but it felt like forever. When I leaned my head back I realized that however long I’ve been out here, the woman still hasn’t left.

That only made me angrier. When I stood up I noticed how tired I was, but now isn’t the time to rest. I walked back in and went straight to the kitchen for coffee, I assume I’ll be up late listening to whatever lie he chose for this moment. There will be no talking. Yelling? Oh yes.

I can’t believe I called him my husband‘, I really wanted to cry.

After I got my drink and sat down, I just put my face in my hands. I couldn’t stop thinking what would have happened if I had come only a few minute later. How long has this been going on? Why now? I realize they’re all the same, men never change their ways, just their women. They get what they want and leave.

‘Leave me broken’. I felt so empty and betrayed.

I was brought back to reality by Eric wondering in with a sorrowful look on his face.


I couldn’t look at him, so I put my face in my hands just so he wouldn’t see any tears if they slipped down without my notice. He finally spoke. “Sookie it’s not what you think.” he tried to touch me, but I just jerked away from him. Once my face was in control, I looked up to see he was sitting across from me, so I let down my shields trying to feel if his face matched how he really felt and shockingly it actually did. I couldn’t hold it in any more I wanted to scream and scratch his eyes out. However, he’s lucky that didn’t happen. “Why Eric?” was all I could say. “Sookie” was all he could say, so that just burned me, it wasn’t an answer. I’m sure he felt my defeat turn to rage. ” How long?” he looked shocked. ” Yes, I want to know about each every one of them!” I said with a new resolve to get what I wanted and leave him like he will evenyually leave me. He looked and felt hurt, like I was the cheater.

Really’!?! I silently screamed.

Little One, I’m not sure what or who you’re referring to or about.” he said calmly with a blank stoic face. I huffed and said the first thing to come to mind. ” Right, you don’t know. I know this.. ” I said waving my hand around. “…I know that you were with someone or someones when you were with the king and since your memories came back. You said you were alone!” I yelled. He opened his mouth to tell me another lie to coverup the last. I assume. But I wasn’t done. “Liar! In case you didn’t now I can feel you!” A tear rolled down my cheek.

Traitor, he wasn’t suppose to see that.’ I told my traitorous tears.

I would have probably helped you anyway, cause that’s what friends do! But you wanted to own me to save your own ass.” I yelled. Trying to calm down, though I realized I wasn’t ready to. “Yes, I did see someone else after I got my memories back and with the king, but not now and not since we’ve been together.” he said just as mad, his fangs ran down. If I said that seeing his fangs didn’t turn me on, I’d be a liar and a liar I am not. I know he could tell, because he flared his nostrils and scooted the chair back. I want him in the worst way and he knew it. He moved so fast I didn’t even see him get up.

“Sookie” he breathed in my ear sending a chill down my spine, making an involuntary sigh escape my lips. He smelled me and growled. “Sookie, I haven’t cheated on you. Yes, I have been with other women after the takeover, but not after we finally got together, especially with Sue Lynn..” he visibly shuddered as he trailed off. What was that about? I’ll have to think about that later. “Well since your being honest, how about you tell me what you want from me?” I asked angrily. To say he looked shocked and felt hurt would be seriously understated. He now looked extremely angry as he backed away.

“You. Sookie, you always question my motives for wanting you and I’m tired of it. Every thing I give is a battle and I can’t anymore. He paused, “I just can’t ” he said in a soft sad voice. I’m sure my face showed confusion and shock cause they overstepped the anger. “Your tired? Really? I’m tired too, every time I turn around there is some sort of danger and then I can’t even come home to escape cause you were lonely and I wasn’t around!” I yelled. Eric looked so upset at what I said, I began to regret saying it, but I’m being honest remember.

“I told you that nothing happened with Sue Lynn and I’ve never been with anyone since we got together” he said softly.

I could tell how hurt he was, I didn’t need the bond to tell me that. I loved Eric with all my heart, I was so stuck. “What do we do Eric?” I asked pleadingly hoping against hope, that we could fix this. After all he is my husband.

‘Who the hell is Sue Lynn, though?’


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  1. Sounds like they both have some explaining to do! He better start running his lips and she better ratchet down the suspicion. She has a bond- trust it!

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