Immortally Wounded CH. 13

‘Ugh! Why does he do that?’
I was still in shock maybe, but the way he looked at me so determined and defeated…it just…turned me on. Sick much.?. He knew what he was doing to me, he knew that he turns me on and I loose all reasoning. I stood up from the table and went into the living room to get away from his sex appeal. A few minutes was all I needed, but that wasn’t happening, not with his stubbornness. I still couldn’t figure where everything went wrong. I gave my all with everything I did and I always saw it through. Why is this the one area that always fails for me?
I was torn from my musings when he touched my shoulder. “Sookie, what will we do about this? You can’t keep fighting me on every thing. I wish you’d just ask me about whatever it is you want know about instead of letting it build up your imagination.” he said asked or said really, but still left no room for argument. I turned around and looked into his beautiful eyes and said the first thing that came to mind. “The Fellowship sent a new guy for me.” I looked into his eyes one last time before a tear rolled down my other cheek. ‘Traitor, damn theses traitorous tears..’ I moved to walk around him when he said “Stop running from me” he commanded rather. A voice that drenched my panties, damn him. I looked up at him and said in an equally commanding voice that I didn’t recognize. ” Eric Northman, I think you need to move, we are through here” to say he was livid was saying water is dry. He grabbed me by the shoulders holding me in place and bent his head down to my face and said ” Sookie, do not think you can win this by running from the problem? You want to be treated like a individual, but you act like a child when you run away like this.” he spat. I was so pissed that he would say I was acting like a child when the most adult thing to do is walk away when someone is hurting you in the manner they are. He obviously didn’t see it that way, I assume because he never backs down. Yeah, I guess that makes sense.
‘To him..’
“Little One, you are the one who keeps doing all the ass backward attempts to push me away. It is you who has all the suitors, you, that has to hug and touch every man, Were, and shifter” he scowled. I was taken aback by his statement and how much anger was in the bond. “Yeah Eric, that doesn’t sound controlling. Am I suppose to stop being friends with everyone because you’d feel better about it, you’re acting like I just go around rubbing myself all over everyone just to prove a point, like I want them to want me.” I said with as much anger as he had. “No, I don’t think your proving any points, but you know how they feel and continue to act like they aren’t getting a thrill out of touching you,” he said sounding a little lighter….still angry though. I never thought of it that way and they never showed any type of behavior that would prove that to me. Maybe listening in to my friends should be a new standard for me. My shields are always up around friends to give them privacy to their own thoughts. I guess it was never a good idea, no matter how honorable I like them to be. “Fine” I said with a new resolve, to try to work this out. He stood back and let go of my shoulders and just looked…lost. ” Fine?” he asked searching my eyes for the answer. “I’ll listen in before I hug anyone” I said stepping away from him. As I turned to go back into the kitchen I was suddenly filled with lust so powerful Eric nearly brought me to my knees. I tried to continue walking, I did until Eric stopped me. He was instantly at my back gripping my arms. “Sookie” he breathed in my ear. I could feel his hard length against me as he licked that spot bellow my ear that drives me crazy. I let out a moan as he began whispering again.
“Let me feel how hot and ready you are.” he whispered grinding his hips into me. As much as I wanted him, we were fighting. “What about you? It works both ways, no more women” I whispered swaying my ass into him eliciting a deep growl. Before I knew what was happening he had me face the wall ripping my clothes off. “Well isn’t someone anxious.” I said dryly. I don’t know if I was expecting a response from him cause what I got was…unexpected. He pushed me over and I caught myself with both hands on the floor so I wouldn’t fall. I couldn’t believe he pushed me and I was about to say as much when he grabbed my hips and pushed his fingers in me. I let out a strangled moan when he whispered in my ear again. ” I don’t want any woman, I want you, I want to only fuck you, you are mine” he growled. I had nothing to say, if I did it was lost when he roughly entered me. I was sure I was lost cause at that moment, but…he found me. He pounded long strokes and with each stroke he growled. We never had angry sex before, mad or pissed off perhaps, but not angry. So far I liked it. Like became an obsolete word when he started talking, more commanding than anything. Who am I Sookie?” Thrust. “Eric..” he growled. “No. Who. Am. I.?” Thrust. “My husband..” I said through pants. “No! Who. Am. I.? Say. It.” he growled. The only thing I felt he wanted was something I refused to call anyone. I’m sure he could tell. “Sookie, say it now!” he began thrusting harder. He knew just how to get me to do anything he wanted outside of torture. I caved. I’m sure I said something and I assume it made sense to him, because he didn’t stop or do anything else that wasn’t pleasurable. ” Oh…oh…Eric..oh..oh..husband..oh..master” I panted.
His thrust became longer and harder, my body was screaming with delight as he grabbed my hair and leaned over me whispering in my ear. “Your mine Sookie. Mine” he growled. I didn’t know being growled at was something so sexy, if it was possible to be turned on more, I think I have surpassed it by now. As he was riding me he brought up his left hand to hold my hair and pulled it tighter and ran his right hand over my shoulder and slowly down my back muttering “beautiful, it’s so beautiful” until he came to the curve of my ass and smacked it. He pulled my hair tighter and growled. ” Who am I, Sookie?” he commanded again. I knew what he was asking so to draw it out I said nothing. It was a good idea at the time, but I gasped out “oh.. Alcide!” Eric was not amused, but he went with it. “He. is. Not. Your. Master.” he growled and smacked my ass again. “Oooh…Quinn..” I groaned. With that came another smack.
“The. Tiger. Is. Not. Your. Master! ” he growled. I didn’t ever see how this could turn anyone on, I guess you’d have to be Eric Northman…for it to be so hot. “Do you like me hitting your ass Sookie?” he growled. I guess I just wanted this to go on and on because I started talking too. “Hmm, do…you?” I hummed. I didn’t feel his anger intensify, but he showed me. Oh boy, I loved it. He pulled my hair tighter in his hand and leaned over in my ear and growled out “Maybe I should just spank instead of fucking you? Do you want me to spank you Sookie?” with that he did another long agonizingly slow stroke. Then smack, smack. He got both cheeks and I was near the edge waiting to go over. “No… please…Eric…ooh..fuck…me,” I nearly cried. Then with a slow thrust and a growl he said ” Say it now!” so loud and commanding. I nearly came when that bastard stopped. He pulled my hair and growled in my ear again “Say it!” I was so into this submissive Sookie thing that I couldn’t give him anything else but what he wanted. “Master…Eric your my …..” before I finished what I was finally saying, he bit my shoulder and began thrusting again at vampire speed. I wanted to scream his name or something, but all words were lost on me as the orgasm rocketed through my body. As I was calming down I realized Eric was carrying me up stairs. He was moving so fast I noticed he was moving to fast after sex. He must not have gotten his. ‘What’ Once he laid me on the bed I asked. ” Eric, did you go over with me?” He laughed, I guess because I didn’t say his favorite word.
“Oh, I want YOU to make me cum. As you can see I’m still very hard and looking at you I’m getting harder.” he said looking into my eyes and running his fingertips over my lips. I guess he wants a BJ. I actually don’t mind giving it to him, only problem I have with it is getting turned on while doing it. I laid there for a moment looking at him and pinch my nipple cause I know he likes it when I do that. I got up on my knees and straddled his legs and grabbed his hard length with my small hand and squeezed it causing him to hiss. I backed up a bit and lowered my mouth down to him and kissed the head and looked up at him. I’m sure I gave him an evil grin causing him to grin back. I gave him a long lick starting at the base of his hard little Eric, back up to the head and sucked a little bit causing him to moan. I put him into my mouth staring at him as I slid all the way down. I’m sure he was shocked cause I couldn’t go all the way down before. I have been practicing(cucumbers) and now I have complete control of my mouth and throat muscles. He was gone I was bored, what can I say. I slowly pulled up dragging my teeth causing him to moan and hiss. Once I made back up to the head I looked at him and his eyes were closed. Looking at him as I removed my mouth and said “look at me suck your big dick into my mouth” with sex dripping. He grabbed the sheets and he twitched. Now I know he likes being talked dirty to, I admit I liked talking dirty as well. With his attention, I watched him as I slid him back into my mouth then all the way down and back up quicker than before. I continued quicker each time sucking harder while listening to his moans become louder until they sounded like whimpers. As I went down again I started moaning causing his eyes to roll back in his head. I wanted to smile, instead as I came up I nibbled a little causing his eyes to snap open. “Oh…Sookie..I’m..cumming…oohh..ooohhh!” With that I slid back down fast so he could release in my mouth. He grabbed my head I guess so I wouldn’t move, but I wasn’t going to and I never have. As he released down my throat, he started gripping my hair and speaking in his native tongue.
I wish I knew what he was saying.


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