Immortally Wounded CH. 14

A/N:here’s a new one hope you like some lemony goodness with a side of dom. Mmm.. who wants a viking domination? I DO..I DO!
Eric’s POV
I was so shocked Sookie was able to do that to me, I wanted to ask where she learned, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted the answer. “Sookie, how did you learn how to do that?” It sounded like a reasonable question considering she couldn’t go down that far before. She looked at me with embarrassment. Cute. “If I tell you, don’t laugh” she said like she could tell me what to do. ‘She really could and I know it’.
However, Sookie should be worried if I get mad. I just nodded waiting for her to tell me some humans name. “I practiced, since you were gone and I was bored. I saw a class on the Internet and signed up. I have complete controls of those muscles” She smiled impishly pointing at her mouth. To say I was shocked would be a lie, she sucked perfectly. She has just made me completely hers if she hasn’t before. “What possessed you to take a class, I’m not complaining just curious”, I asked smiling. I stroked her stomach absently as she thought about it, I assume she was worried how she should tell me. “One of the waitresses was talking with one of the customers I assume was a friend and they were giving each other tips about it. I was wondering so I started listening in to the men around them to see if what they were saying was true. When I found out it was, ew might I say. Anyway, I decided to check on the Internet for the class they talking about.” she said while getting up from the bed. “Where are you going ” I asked leering at her. “Robe..” she trailed off as she started to walk away. I wasn’t having that after what she did to me. “Your not going anywhere, get back in bed” I ordered even though she probably won’t listen. When Sookie got back on the bed and started crawling up to me, I was feeling the lust coming through the bond. Once she reached me she hovered at my lips and looked into my eyes and said “No”. I was ready to go again until she got up again and put on her robe. I guess that really means no, so I went with it and said “We need to talk Dear One”. She looked over her shoulder to me and walked out the door. I didn’t want to follow, but I had to, it was like a compulsion. I knew it wasn’t, but I went with it pulling on my pajama pants Sookie keeps here for me.
When I entered the kitchen there was a cup of coffee sitting on the table and she was at the microwave shaking a true blood bottle. “Tell me about her”. She demanded almost sounding like me, maybe I’m rubbing off on her. “Say please” I said raising my eyebrow showing her I am her master and she will not tell me what to do. Unless she is willing to suck on me again, then I’m whatever she needs and wants me to be. “Back your chair up to the counter”. What is she going on about now, but I humored her. ‘Did I really?’ Let’s see what Sookie will do next. Once I backed up I sat there waiting for her to say please. She didn’t say anything and walked over to me and straddled my lap. She looked me in the eyes and started grinding on me. She was in the perfect place, I felt her heat and wetness through my pajama pants. She moaned and stopped everything. And said “Master, tell me about her now or you leave with memories of my mouth”. She said with a slow grind causing a moan to cross my lips. I wanted her again and I wanted her mouth. Yes, I have rubbed off on her and I like it.
“Ok, that was Sue Lynn. She is my sister”, I confessed Sookie’s eyes became soft, I’m sure I’d get to spend some time as Master and some time with her pretty pouty mouth. I tell her the story from the beginning including who her father was. That didn’t go over to famously, but she said nothing. “Eric, you said she was your sister, you just meant figuratively?” she asked with furrowed brows. I’m sure she figured I was or could be with Sue Lynn, so to put her fears to rest. “When I first her, yeah” I said smiling. Then I began my story again.
“It was maybe a century ago, when she came to see me. I was so happy to see my friend, it had been too long. She was excited about something and I wanted her to get to it, because I had some work to do. The last time she came by was decades before before, definitely before Pam, and yet she was still the same. She was telling me all about her new job and boyfriend. At that point I kind of zoned out thinking about the last time I saw her. She told me that she was sure we were related but didn’t know how. She caught her father sneaking out a few nights after everyone was sleeping to go to the portal. At the time she thought nothing of it because she was a little girl, but as she got older she asked him one night when she caught him. He was all smiles and said that he was going to see his friends and he could only see them at night. So that she wouldn’t tell his secret he promised to bring her a gift each time he went out. She told me why she was drawn to me that day was because I had a family crest pin attached to my sword belt and she recognized it, so it was a sign for her. A sign I guess to trust me, I didn’t notice when she pulled something wrapped in a piece of silk out of her pocket and handed it to me. It was round and had a little weight to it. I looked at her to see excitement all over her face. I looked at heavy object in my hand and pulled the cloth away. If I breathed, it would have hitched. I turned it over and looked at the back and cried. I never cried easily, especially in front of anyone. She looked distraught almost guilty for showing me, just to settle her guilt I read the back ‘To my wife, my soul, my life~Erickur’. She looked a little lost so I asked her if she knew who my father was. Her blank expression was enough answer for me so I told her. “He was a chieftain, his name was Erickur” as I showed her the back. As she read it tears fell from her eyes, the only thing I could do was to hug her. It was a force of love that consumed me, I never felt anything so filling. After time I began to forget my family and accepted my new status, now I have family again and I couldn’t be happier. I was myself with Sue Lynn, only vampire in the presence of others of my race. No one ever knew about her, she was my dirty little secret I guess you’d say. She didn’t mind being my secret cause she knew what a danger I’d be in if anyone knew my fairy heritage, let alone fairy prince heritage. We would meet in nondescript settings to avoid the amount of her fairy smell. When she left I missed her and worried constantly and assumed if she never came back, at least I knew she was there even for a little while. She had been in Faery, she goes back from time to time. Sue says she’s been watching me all this time and therefore she knows who you are and she likes you. She knows who killed her father and is happy it is done, now she can take the throne and rule with Niall and not against him as our father should have.”
When I finished my story Sookie hugged me and cried, I hate it when she cries. “Why are you so upset Little One”? I asked hoping it would break the tears. “I’m sorry, I saw her and you hugging and I was just so mad.” she wept. I could feel how upset she was earlier and now she is just as upset, except this time she’s mad at herself. I hate when she feels that way. I want it to stop. So I thrust up from my seat and send lust through the bond hoping she’d rather have sex than cry. The weeping stopped and I thrust upward again grabbing her hair. She reached down and peeled my pants back and started stroking me. As I was getting harder I could feel her getting hotter. She grabbed my face at my jaw so that I was looking into her beautiful eyes when she said “Will my Master cum for me”?
All father, Odin! I couldn’t answer as she slid down onto my painfully hard erection. Sookie is a sex kitten all the time, but now I might just call her my Mistress. As she was riding me at a heavenly pace she reached up and grabbed my hair, I love it when she does that. She is the only one I ever let do that to me. I was about to say something when she cut me off. “Who am I”? she demanded growling. Oh what a little minx. “Sookie” I said breathlessly. “No! Who. Am. I.”? she asked again pulling my hair tighter. This was a game I was willing to play, especially since we played the same game earlier. ” Little…One!” I panted. This time she pulled my hair with both hands and rose up almost off an asked one more time. I felt the immediate loss and had to get it back, so I said “Dear One”. I smirked. She raised up an inch inch more tightening her grip in my hair and asked again “WHO. AM. I.!” I felt her dripping on me and I wanted to be back inside her warmth. So I said what she wanted.”M…Mistress!” I yelled. But that wasn’t it. She stayed where she was hovering over me and said commanding “If your my Master, then what does that make me”? I was so hers, I thought calling me Master was hot, she didn’t want to be called Mistress… So I gave her what she wanted. “SAY IT!” she commanded again. “Mine!” I yelled and she dropped down on to me hard making me cum instantly. If I could breath, I would be choking air in.
Sookie didn’t cum with me, so I grabbed her under her thighs and carried her upstairs. I laid her on the bed again and pulled her down to the edge where I got down on my knees and started licking her hot little core and using my finger to circle around her lovely pearl. She moaned my name and I reached up and pinched her nipple. She moaned louder saying my name. I continued licking her when she began begging. What the hell? My Sookie is no beggar. “Please… Eric… Please” she moaned deeply, I couldn’t keep her from cumming so I flattened my tongue and ran it slowly over her bundle of nerves. Her hips bucked into my mouth and her fingers tightened in my hair, so I licked again. Eliciting a deep growl when she screamed “Master!”
‘Hmm, that’s new’


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