Immortally Wounded CH. 15

A/N: My original A/N below.

A/N: So were you all amazed by the Viking and Telepath? I didn’t plan on having the subject of Eric’s relation lasting so many chapters, but this story took on a life of on it’s own, forget the story I originally wrote when I first joined the site. Hhmm… don’t know if I’ll ever get to those chapters…
Waking up in the most delicious pain ever, replaying the events of last night in a loop, I smile. I didn’t think I would have been so turned on by his possessive domination, but just thinking about it is waking up my lady bits. Remembering that I have to be at work for the lunch shift I attempt to roll out of bed, but was obstructed by the biceps of steal. I looked over at my vampire and kissed his soft lips as I struggled to get to bathroom to take care of important human matters. I kinda wish last night never happened. Well, the whole walking in to find a mystery woman in bed with my husband. I never thought that would ever happen, I always felt he would find someone else at some point eventually. I just never thought I would be witness to it.
‘Good thing it was innocent.’ I mentally sighed.
He has a sister, a biological sister still alive, that’s great, but he is son of my.. well, was attempted murderer. Yeah that’s something we’ll need to discuss, he knew his father was coming to kill me. Before Tweedledee and Tweedledum reared their beautiful scary heads. Is that why he wanted me to go to his house? He had to know Breandan was aiming to kill me in his quest to rid himself of ‘half breeds’, maybe he knew and couldn’t help because it was his father I was against and didn’t want to choose. It was Bill who killed Breandan. Oh we need to talk about this. I shook my head to snap out of it, I had to get ready for work.
As I stripped to get in the shower I had an idea that would torture the viking till I got off work. I layed on the bed next to my viking and ran my fingers across his full lips down his chest to his hard abs. I lifted the blanket to look over his body and ran my hand down his strong thigh. Touching him made my body hum for him. I reached down to my now hot and wet center ready to put out this fire his sleeping person has lit in me. I rubbed tight circles into my aching nub thinking about last night. I can’t help thinking about last night. I am still surprised by my reaction to his domination and it was spectacular. I loved how he took control over me and made submissive. A little surprising that I liked it. I just imagine him spanking me and I move faster and feel the warmth rising in my stomach. I began panting heavy, then I saw these white lights flickering as I float away in ecstasy.
When I come back to myself and I’m ready to get up I enter two fingers into my wet center, then bring my fingers to his still nostrils and swiped above his lips and then stick my fingers into his cool mouth. Then I kiss him sweetly before I rush to the bathroom.

When I arrive at Merlotte’s I can’t help but feel trouble in the air. That definitely sent up a red flag for me. When I walk in I’m greeted by my number one fan..Doug, “Hi Sookie, how are you today?” he said smiling. He sounded overly happy to see me, so I smiled my crazy Sookie smile. “Great Doug, beautiful day isn’t it?” I didn’t see Sam so I strolled to the back and let down my shields to see if I catch anything off about anyone, especially Doug. When I reached Sam’s office I found him tied to a chair, probably shouldn’t have, but I rushed to him and began untying him when he made an odd sound. I looked into his face as he spoke to me mentally. ‘Sookie, get away it’s a trap!’ he looked so frantic. His pleading eyes sent fear racing through me, but I can’t leave Sam here to face this alone. I grabbed the heavy duty office scissors off the desk a started to cut the ropes holding Sam to his raggedy chair. I heard a noise that terrified me. A scream that sounded of complete horror. It was shrill and filled with terror. I shivered at the sound and hurried to free his hands and arms. “Do you honestly think you can get away Sookie” came the voice behind me. I jumped nearly out of my skin when I heard the voice. I slowly turned around trying to keep the scissors out of sight. “What are you doing Doug? I thought you didn’t want to do this, live this life?” I asked putting a defiant mask on my face, so he couldn’t see my fear. He slowly walked in the door and just smiled and said “Oh that, I was letting you hear what you wanted to hear”. I was shocked and I was at a loss. I genuinely cared a little for him and the issues he had for his situation with his dad. I wanted to help him, I thought he was kind of like me. Hiding from who you are. I hope it gets dark quick and maybe Eric can get here before it gets to out of hand. Lost in my thoughts, I was caught off guard when I heard Doug,
‘As soon as the vampire shows himself to us and then the real fun starts’.
Official OSM.
I wake feeling determination and fear. The fear is so great if I could I would vomit. I look over at her clock and it’s nearly sunset and I am just waking? I haven’t woke this close to sun set in some time, my only guess would be to say that I was tired, but vampires don’t get tired. Yes. we had an amazing time, in fact I can still taste her and smell her. Hmm? My Sookie was so sexy and submissive at first then so dominating, it was hot. I was torn from my reverie when anger/fear ripped through my body. I wanted to leave, but I had to wait for the sun to set so I text Pam and Compton to come help out. With the amount of anger coming through the bond. The only time I felt that kind of anger is when she dealt with the fellowship. “SHIT” I yell to no one. I have to get to her, but the sun isn’t low enough.
I throw on clothes and move down the stairs to the door to be prepared for the sun to set. When my head feels as though something is trying come through. I wasn’t hurting, more like a fog, but I felt the pressure of… ‘It’s a trap, don’t come’.Sookie spoke to me, Sue was right she is changing. She is becoming more Fae and it is because of her essential spark. My Sookie was already special even with out her telepathy. She has brought me so much love and joy.
The sun finally went down and I took to the sky towards that whole in the wall. I went to land when I saw the flames. Those fuckers set the damn place on fire. Well, maybe Merlotte will finally remodel that shit place. I can feel My Sookie, she is not scared. She is in the building that is on fire, but is no longer scared. Last time I felt this from her is when those damn fairies had her and Madden had me. Damn it, she is preparing herself to die. “FUCK!” I screamed to the sky. She is not dying, but I feel her resolve. I float around trying to find a way in and to no avail I am defeated by the flames. I began to feel that pressure again and stilled myself to wait for her message.
‘Eric, I love you. I know you tried. But it’s ok, Sam is here so I am not alone. I love you viking’
With that she was gone, I felt her heartbeat slow some more. It wrenched my heart to hear her last words, She waited for me to come. She wanted to be with me when she died. I will kill those bastards who did this. They have taken My Sookie away from me, they killed her. If there was a time when I wished for my fairy blood to work now would be it. Now would be a good time for Sue to pop up, but my fate is to lose this round.
I land on the ground near the back entrance where I feel her there and kneel on the ground feeling her heart gradually get slower, must be smoke inhalation because she is not in pain. At least she will not bare a painful death from flames. I want to talk to her so I reach into the bond and hold her and talk. I don’t care if I’m loud and I don’t care who hears.
“My love, I am sorry.. I can’t find a way through, but I am here outside and I feel you. Come to me.” I know she is not in pain, but it hurts me just the same. I feel the approach and spin around with my fangs down ready to fight. I see Pam behind me with scarlet tears streaking her face. So I turn back to the building and let my tears flow freely. My heart aches as I feel her trying to hold on when it comes to me, it’s the blood.
“My love come to me, I will heal you if you get burned, just come to me” I prayed to whoever was listening. Even though I could not feel Sookie at all. Her heart was gone and she never spoke again, I wanted to step into the flames to be with her, but I could not I had those fellowship fuckers to obliterate. They will die before I meet My Sookie. We will go to Valhalla together.
A/N: My reaction was still the same. I never thought Sookie would die when this story first started, but here we are…
A/N: I cried writing this. I wonder if the Viking will meet the final death or will he live on in the name of HIS SOOKIE. I don’t know…my heart hurts for these two maybe in death they will find their peace together.


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