Immortally Wounded CH. 16

A/N: How did you guys take it this time?(original post below)

A/N: I know you all are shocked and heartbroken, but we need to know what actually happened. What led to the fire and how did sookie and Sam feel when they only had each other to say goodbye to in the end.



I’m just staring at Doug trying to figure out how this happened and find no answer. I could have prevented this had only just dug a little deeper in his head. I could have helped poor Sam had I listened when I arrived for my shift. I mean, I felt something was off, but I still walked into a trap. I always keep my shields up so I’m not bombarded with aimless thoughts about me or anyone else.

‘If there were a time for regrets…’

As he turned to walk out I grabbed Sam’s invoice spike and stabbed Doug in the back piercing his heart. I growled with bloodlust, Eric must rubbing off on me.”Hahaha” Doug’s laughter brought back from my thoughts. I knelt down next to his face to speak to him. “Why? What’s the Plan” I asked as he stared at me, so I dipped into his mind to get the plan that way. His mind was a jumble then suddenly he grabbed my hand and his thoughts became clear

‘I’m sorry Sookie. They are going to set this place on fire and burn you both. They wanted the vampire, but realized it is day time, so they will just kill you to send their message. I’m so sorry, I really liked you and I was jealous. I’m sooorrr…’.

Then I watched as the light drained from his eyes. He died afraid of who he was, he died after living a life he never wanted, it was pressed upon him. That was all I needed to make my decision. I grabbed him and pushed his body out of the office, then closed the door softly and locked it. I took the scissors and cut the rest of the rope holding Sam and peeled the tape from his mouth and smiled at him. He was looking lost and shocked all at the same time. “Sook, what the hell was that” Sam asked looking into my eyes as if it would bare answers. As I was about to answer him smoke began to seep under the door and we both began to panic. He went to the door checking the knob for heat. When the door opened, a wall of smoke invaded the office. I immediately stepped closer to Sam and slid my fingers into his hand and squeezed it tight letting him know I was there with him. He turned his head and looked at me and whispered so low I’m surprised I heard it. Yay, vampire blood!

“Cher, I’m sorry” he whispered with tears in his eyes that told me that there was no getting out. We stepped back into the office and closed door and looking at each other. That’s it, all we could do was hug one another tight knowing this was it, the last hug. We huddled in the corner on the floor just holding each other for our last moments. I felt Eric rise and I felt love, confusion and anger stream through the bond.

I felt this energy, this fear reside as my lungs choked for air. I held Sam close to me as we huddled there watching, waiting for the fire to consume us. I thought of Eric then. I felt him come closer and my heart was at ease. My mind reached out to him touched his beautiful face, and I spoke knowing he could not hear me. I pour all my heart and love into every word as I prepared myself for death.

‘Eric, I love you. I know you tried. But it’s OK, Sam is here so I am not alone. I love you Viking’

As I close my eyes savoring every last breath I hear him in my head, it is cloudy probably due to my fading light. My heart soared knowing he was here with me. My love, my heart, my soul.

My love, I am sorry.. I can’t find a way through, but I am here outside and I feel you. Come to me.

With that I was at a complete peace. I looked at Sam and I knew, he already succumbed to the smoke. A tear slipped down my cheek. I found a new strength to live for Sam and to fight this battle he shied away from, but it hunted him down. I had to live, to fight for Eric most of all, he gave me his all and I think I could give him my all.

As I reached this new found strength I realized that the strength was in my head cause the smoke had won this war between my life and my death. I closed my eyes and layed there wishing I was strong enough to fight death for Eric when I heard him again…

My love come to me, I will heal you if you get burned, just come to me

I wanted nothing more than to just go to him, to just get up and dust myself off and go to him. However, here I stay. I couldn’t move so I just accepted my fate. Nothing lasts forever. We’re born. we grow, we live and we die. We all have time cards and some just get stamped earlier than others. We all die at one point or another. I thought of my viking as my breathing slowed and my heart and soul drifted off into this abyss of energy. Suspiciously the same energy I felt earlier, but that didn’t matter anymore. My life had been hard and then later happy. I found my love and was able to love him until my last breath. I open my eyes one last time and reached for my vampire knowing I could not touch him and whispered “jag alskar dig min man”. With that my last breath escaped my lungs and the world with its bright and beautiful colors disappeared and became black.

A/N:(original post below) Next chapter: Eric looses it

A/N: There it is folks. The FOTS sealed their fate, read about Eric’s rampage on the fellowship next chapter. I cried this chapter as well. I’m pretty sure you all hate me now, but please believe me when I say her death is relevant to the story, just keep reading and find your closure and accept this fairy lived an extraordinary life.


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