Immortally Wounded CH. 17

A/N: Original A/N below are italicized.

A/N: here we are: FotS has burned down the bar with Sookie and Sam inside. This happened before sunset so Eric couldn’t help her. He wants to meet the final death and cannot till he has avenged his love.

A love story we watched build from nothing take on shape as the most touching thing ever. What love makes us do…


I stand up watching the flame and blackened rumble and lift my head to the sky and stick out my arm pointing to the direction of the fuckers and say “basement” it was barely above a whisper, but I know Pam heard me. I took to the sky headed to Shreveport, I had to get home. I wanted to go back Sookie’s, but I could not. The memories of her are to strong right now, I wouldn’t be able to complete my mission to honor my love. I realize as I am flying the tears that spill over my eyes haven’t let up and the ache in my chest begins to lighten. I must be beginning to accept what is. I don’t know if I want to accept what is, I have so much anger and yet, I still find the voice of reason. Sookie would want me to live even if I didn’t want to and now I’m faced with avenging and joining her in Valhalla or avenging her and living for her. I guess I would want her to live had I met my final death so I would have to respect her wishes.

I can’t help but think that had she come over to vampire she would have been in bed with me rather than at work with the dog to be killed by religious zealots. In the end she got what she wanted and I had to just realize had I had the chance she would have gotten her wishes anyway. One thing I could not deny her was her option to choose her life, whether I liked it or not. I found myself smiling at the memory of this infuriating woman arguing every little thing that pertained to letting someone else ‘the’ call shots. ‘High-handed’ is what she called me. And yes, I was and I won’t deny it. I was surely controlling in some aspects when it came to her safety and I do not regret it. As I approach my house it is not lost on me that it is true what they say ‘You can always go home again’ however this is not the homecoming I would prefer. I move through the door almost mindlessly trying to get to the bedroom. Her pillow still has her scent as I lay on her side of the bed wrapping the blanket she loved around me. I inhale deep taking in her scent holding it in my lungs as if to preserve it there. I know it is not possible to preserve her scent but if I could I would spend my fortune on preservation methods. I touch her book she left on her nightstand remembering the last time she was here reading it. ‘Stop it Eric, I’m reading!’ I can see it like it was yesterday. ‘No, I want to kiss you lover’. We had fun that night. The first night we had fun after the fairies, a memory I won’t soon forget. My mood begins to shift as think about the days I wasted mourning over a dead maker I didn’t even like, I appreciated what he taught me, but I could have done without a few lessons. I lost 3 days that could have been spent wrapped around My Sookie in this bed. I was brought back from my ruminations by my phone vibrating in my pocket. I looked at the caller id and saw it was Pam so I answered. “Yes?” I said portraying all confidence that I did not have. “We are here” she said portraying the same confidence I had. I didn’t answer just hung up. Sookie would have said that was rude, I guess, but I only ever saved simple politeness for her. I know Pam loved her as much as I did even though she was a ‘mere mortal’ as Sookie would say. I smile as I think about how My Sookie has single handedly touched the cold hearts of vampires, well anyone she comes in contact with. Well, except Debbie Pelt, but that was an odd occasion amongst many others.

I change clothes into something I don’t mind getting brain tissue on. Time to make examples for our lovely God fearing pastor, he should not be afraid of him, his God. I would be more afraid of the vampire with the grudge if I were Steve Newlin.


My eyes fluttered open to the sight of smoke and recalled what had happened. I looked over to see Sam’s charred remains slumped on the floor brings tears to my eyes. I stand up to see the building still on fire, well, what’s left of it. An anger tears through me that I have never witnessed before and I want blood, not just revenge, but blood. I have never been one for violence, but a violent, murderous act against people who are different has that affect on me. I stepped through the burnt rubble towards the rear parking area when I hear the sirens of the firetrucks and ambulance. When I wonder how I will explain my presence I look down at my self and I don’t look as if I had been knocked out outside and how would that explain why I wasn’t killed too. I hear them getting closer when I begin to panic, I think how I wish I was at home and everything again becomes black.

I open my eyes and I am in my room, how I got here I will worry about later, first things first. I look around and an idea comes to me and I put on a clean Merlotte’s uniform and wipe my face and arms off. I think about my car and once again everything becomes black. I blink my eyes and am sitting in my car , I grab my cell phone and dial 911 and relay the bar being on fire and I don’t know where Sam is, it was helpful I was crying for him anyway. When the firetruck, ambulance, and detective Bellfleur along with sheriff Bud Dearborn pulled up I was in full hysterics in my car with my door open. I then once again relayed what I found coming to work after Sam called me to tell me to take my time getting there cause FOTS was there in full force with their hate. Bud told me to go home to relax and they would notify me if and when they find Sam. That caused fresh tears to spill as I walked over to my car. Sitting behind the driver’s seat I remembered I had to get to Eric before he did something he would regret so I hightailed it to Fangtasia.

I will never complain about Eric’s speeding again cause I know I made numerous traffic violations. Pulling into the parking lot I see it’s empty and begin to worry that he has done something being as I can’t feel him. I park and walk up to the door and see the closed sign and try to search within myself for him and come up with nothing. I begin to pace when it comes to me.


“What has she done?” I yell at the red neck as I punch him. Careful to not use all my strength if I want this to last as long as possible. The others sit and watch in fear of what will happen to them once I’m finished with Jethro here. I have it all planned out, a never ending torture session. I haven’t had a good torture session in what must be decades, maybe a century. “You didn’t answer” I say catching his eye to glamor him to answer me truthfully. “I…I..I… she was a fangbanger” Jethro said spitting up blood. Not surprised at all by his answer, but it still pissed me off. “Do you know why?” I asked knowing he didn’t. I just stared at him for a second before responding. “Because Jethro, you humans treated her so bad because she was different, she was happy to make friends who didn’t treat her as if she was a blemish on societies ass, that and not being able to be glamored made it easy to befriend others who are different like her.” I finished with a back-hand slap across his face. It may have have been to hard cause his head flew off his shoulders. I looked at the rest of Jethro”s friends “Oops” I said with a fangy smile. I walked away looking at Pam reading the hurt that played over her features and feeling the guilt that plagued her. I know she wishes she could have re-payed the debt to her friend for saving her in Rhodes.

“Glamor him to forget about seeing us and telling the truth if a cop asks about Merlotte’s, don’t kill him” I said pointing to a boy who reminded me of Sookie’s dumb brother Jason. “Have fun with the rest” I say as I climb the stairs. Walking into my office resolved to shower and go to Sookie’s house to say a final goodbye, because I will not be able to return without all these horrid emotions. Walking straight to my closet I notice a presence, but cannot pick up anything other then that. I quickly turn my head and see my love behind my desk smiling at me. “Where the hell is the damn bond?” she asks still smiling. I must have gone mad cause I see Sookie and she’s joking with me about a bond she didn’t even want or like.

“Stop staring at me and come kiss me!” she said smiling and putting her hands on her hips as she stood up. She then moved to round the desk, when I just held up my hand in a stop motion “No, this is a hallucination!” I said, I must be cracking up I have to be, she’s here talking to me and doing Sookie things. Then a tear rolled down her cheek and it smelled like her, but something more. “Eric, baby it’s me. I’m OK!” she said still smiling. I still stared as she slowly stepped forward till she was right in front of me. I cupped her face with my clean hand and felt tears come to my eyes at the touch of her skin. I touch her shoulder with the bloodied one and put the other on her other shoulder and crushed her to me. “Oh My Sookie, I thought I lost you! I thought you were gone!” I said holding her then I realized she had to breath. I pulled her back and said “Sorry, I forget you are a breather” her smile then faded into a pointed one. “What? What is it?” I asked her hoping I hadn’t offended her. ” I don’t think I breath anymore even though I still have a heartbeat. for thought I guess” then she shrugged. I laughed and remembered something Sue had said “She’s changing”, I guess she had to die in order to do it. I stepped back to the closet and pulled off my bloody shirt when I noticed she was taller, still shorter than me, but taller none the less. “Sookie what happened?” I asked not sure if I wanted to know or not. “I’m not sure. I remember dying and everything becoming black then waking some time later cause Merlotte’s and Sam were no more” she said and another tear slid down her face. I wiped it with my finger and brought it to my mouth to taste when I finally found what was different. “Lover, I know what happened” I said still not completely sure. She cocked her head to the side waiting for my explanation. I crossed my arms in front of my chest “Dear one you have finally ascended!” I smiled with satisfaction. Confusion written allover her beautiful face I continued “You have an ‘essential spark’, so you have finally come into who you are meant to be. To be only a 1/8 fairy you surprisingly have the ‘essential spark’, You basically have what makes a fairy a fairy.” I smile. She contemplates what I say before asking “Do you have anything iron in here?” What the hell is she thinking? Fairies are deathly allergic to iron.

A/N: Original A/N below

A/N: See totally relevant! Are you crazy to think I would destroy the greatest couple in sci-fi ever? What is your thinking with the iron, she is now basically a full fairy so what’s the deal?

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