Immortally Wounded CH.18

Waking up wrapped in my vampire’s arms is a wonderful feeling, until I’m reminded of the reason I woke up anyway. After struggling to get out of a dead thousand year- old viking vampire’s choke hold I made my way to Eric’s very luxurious bathroom. After seeing to my ‘human needs’ I looked up into the mirror to see if I looked any different, then I noticed the height difference. I was nearly a foot taller, I was able to see what was on the top shelf of the cabinet. I remember Eric muttering something about my height, but paid no real attention. As I admired my height something else grabbed my attention…my ears. I turned my head and saw the points at the tips they curved into a blunt point at the top. In my awe I didn’t realize the presence behind me until the scent caught my nose. I continued my ear assessment and as the presence came closer I popped away. I appeared in the bedroom and smiled looking at the clock. It was 11:00 am! I popped back to the bathroom to find a sulky viking, I sauntered up to my beautiful vampire a wrapped my arms around his neck and said “What are you doing up my hot vampire?” he looked at me and smirked “Your vampire? Mm I think I could get used to that, I do call you my fairy princess.” He smirked. I was about to say something about ownership when he kissed me and the words died on my lips.
We later spent some time testing my weaknesses(my idea, surprise!) and found I had none. We tested iron, silver, even lemon and nothing. I still want to test sunlight cause I am sill harboring vampiric abilities as an option. Just saying. Now the situation at hand. “Oh my husband, do you know why your up at daytime?” I said in a sing-song voice hoping not alarm him. Really there’s just no way to ask a thousand year-old vampire why he is no longer doomed to darkness. “My love, I would assume it is because of you.” he leered. Because of me? If he wasn’t naked and giving me such a heated look, I might want to test that theory. I jumped into his arms and kissed him for all I was worth. Well, the ‘I didn’t die sex’ was exchanged for testing out weaknesses, soo you know..
Eric grabbed my thighs, lifting them and wrapped them around his waist and walked us both back to the bedroom. I pulled back and said “I have an idea” he looked at me with a furrowed brow, but nodded his assent. I popped us to the pool. Not too upset now, I’m guessing.
I felt the warmth and the breeze against my skin and realized she teleported us outside. I had no reaction to the sun other being nearly blinded by it. A Thousand years is a long time to never see the sun again. I had pined away for the golden light along with seeing my human children for fifteen or twenty years after my turning. I never thought meeting a telepathic fairy a thousand plus years later would give me back my long forgotten friend, the sun. I used to bask in the daylight while sailing the ships and conquering neighboring lands. To be in the sun now and not feeling the sizzle is truly something to behold and I am truly grateful. I crashed my lips into MY Sookie, she was my beginning as well as my end, but now she was just my miracle. “Thank you my love” I said as I looked deep into her beautiful eyes filled with unshed tears. “Eric, you’re crying” she said as a tear slipped down her cheek. “It’s been awhile” was all I could say before a began kissing my lovely miracle with all the love and devotion I could possibly muster. This woman when I met my wife she was just a human and at the time I knew I must have her and make her mine. I did not know that I would fall in love with a human woman nor did I know this woman was a fairy/hybrid. She pushed me away regardless of my constant planning and plotting to make her mine. She was always the most head strong infuriating woman I have ever encountered, yet her fiery attitude is what drew me back everytime even when she annoyed me and pushed me away. The only time I ever failed her is when the fairy assassins came for her, that is something I don’t want to happen again. She survived Neave and Lochlan’s torturous game when some that were perceived as strong were ripped to nothing. This ‘mere mortal’ managed to save vampires and humans alike during and after the bombing in Rhodes, was staked on a mission to rescue a cheating boyfriend then later to be raped by said boyfriend, she has survived many other occasions as well, too many to list. At the time this human woman was stronger and more brave than any creature I have known, she would have to be since she attracts trouble like no other. I realized I was inching Sookie over to the grass as we were kissing, I guess I was so lost in my thoughts I hadn’t noticed I was moving us.
I laid her down and kissed every part of her body showing my gratitude. She held tight to my hair as I moved over her body committing every curve to memory. As I moved back up to her face I stared down at her eyes, they told so much, but had so many secrets that only the truly old and wise could keep. I see eyes like that in the mirror everyday.
I was shocked to see that my idea of sex in the sunlight worked and he didn’t begin to burn after a few minutes. I saw he was processing this new information so I didn’t interrupt. When we made it over to the grass, he began kissing and licking me all over making me crave more. I already craved my viking, I was already his, but wanted to be so much more. We were married, but somehow that wasn’t enough, it wasn’t all. If that made any since. As we were on the grass, I couldn’t help but notice how lush it is. He knelt and pulled my hips to him then pushed into me in one quick move without seeing if I was ready, but that didn’t matter cause I was so ready for this, dying does that to you I guess. As he pushed all the way in he visibly shuddered and hissed. I moaned from the feeling of him filling me and pulled him down to me wanting to kiss his full lips. He came down willingly and deepened the kiss causing my already heated libido to catch fire. He held onto my left hip and pulled out and slammed back in making let go of his hair and grip his shoulders. He slammed into me over and over making me cum ever so much and so hard. I never experienced this form of hot viking sex before, it was so… deep and sensual. He kept up, lifting my leg to gain better entry making me scream “Yes”. “Yes, do you like that min kärlek,? You like what I am doing to you?” he said with his accent ever present. “Say it!” he roared. I was trying to process his demand. I was so lost in the sexy that was my husband, I barely processed him flipping me over on all fours. He entered me again from the back and pulled my hair roughly and growled. Oh, God that was hot! His grip on my hair tightened and I loved the feel of him dominating me, I moaned and hissed(how vampire like). “Say it! Saga att du ar min bitch!” he roared. And surprisingly I understood him. He said I was his bitch. What. The. Fuck? If that wasn’t fuckhot I would have been pissed. I’m sure he doesn’t know I understand him, so I said ” Jag ar din bitch!” he groaned and picked up speed and force. We came together screaming each others name, “Sookkiiieee!”, “EEErriicc!” simultaneously.
I was so turned on I flipped us over so I could ride him into the ground. The shocked look on his face made feel predatory, I wanted to claim him, own him. I raised myself slowly a dropped down so hard and fast that his eyes rolled in the back of his head. “Look at me, min herre” I growled. I’m sure Eric was just as shocked as I was. he looked into my eyes and growled. It was a low growl, but a growl none the less and it turned me on. I raised and dropped faster and had a growling contest with Eric. Well, not really, but it seemed that way. We came together again hard and sweaty. Sweaty? After we settled and laid in post coital bliss, I swirled my fingertips in his light spattering of chest hair. I had to ask even though I’m not sure I want the answer.
“Baby, why didn’t you bite me? And why are you sweaty?”

A/N: min kärlek: my love
saga att du ar min bitch: say you are my bitch
jag ar din bitch: I’m your bitch
min herre: my master


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