Immortally Wounded CH.20

A/N: last chapter was a filler bringing questions that needed answers.
CH. 20
I rise to voices and laughter, quite unnerving. After dressing for the evening I follow the sound of women. Women? One definitely sounds like Sookie and the other sounds like…SUE! Rounding the corner to find my sister and my wife sitting with that face crap smeared on their faces and their foot sitting in each others lap. “Hey baby!” Sookie says without looking up. “Lover, I would kiss you, but you seem to have a foul smelling concoction on your face that I care not to get near.” I said frowning as I walked into the kitchen for a blood. “Little brother, you did not tell me father got to her.” Sue said calmly, but extremely deadly. “Didn’t think you wanted to hear more about his insane tirades. Also, I was busy being happy seeing my sister and also keeping my relationship from falling apart, if you don’t mind.” I said as I walked back into the room. “Eric, stop being an ass!” My wife admonished. “I thought you liked my ass” I winked at her while she tried to stifle a smile. “Sookie how did you get out here, I didn’t get to tell you the door code?” I asked while skimming through my phone for anything pertinent to us. “I popped when I heard the doorbell, and found a beautiful woman standing at your door” she said smiling at my sister. I guess they will get along like I thought. “You popped really, I didn’t think to ask how it was going.” Sue smiled genuinely happy. Watching Sookie and my sister having their…what’s it called? Girls night. Yes, girls night. Do they really have to put smelly things on their faces? If Sookie smells like that, it will be hard to explain my distance to her all night without hurting her feelings. Hopefully her and Sue will stay home. “Well, I didn’t know I could until…” she let that sentence hang because it is hard for her to talk about and worse for me to even hear about what happened at Merlotte’s especially since it caused her friend’s death. “Ok, I will tell you, but I need Eric to leave the room.” she gave me weak smile and I nodded and walked back downstairs. I didn’t want to hear it and I was fine not being present for this.
I decided to go to my safe to look at Sookie’s engagement ring. I searched for the perfect one when I was gone those few days. I found the perfect ring for her, it’s a black and white diamond crossover ring set in platinum. I looked at different stones, gemstones and diamonds and couldn’t find what I was looking for until I went to a local cheaper jewelry store in the mall called Zales and found it. The black diamonds signify the dark which is me and the white or clear diamonds are Sookie and the crossover design signifies us and how we criss cross and weave our worlds together. I hope she likes it, the price was nothing, I would have paid anything for an engagement ring that suited her. I know she’s not a material person, but I don’t care what it costs for my lover to have something so special. However, with thing rings style I’m not sure she will be able to have a wedding band, I will look into that.
I then tuck the ring away in the safe to open my laptop in the bedroom. I open to a page to buy Sookie some new clothes as she grew quite a bit. After finding sites for Barneys, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and a few online boutique shops, I threw in the towel because I have no idea where Sookie would prefer her clothes from. In defeat I sent a text to Pam for her to handle it asap.
Being down here I tried to avoid what Sookie was telling Sue about the fire and felt all her emotions. I felt the same that day, being able to help her, and still couldn’t. It does something to you, something I can’t explain. After all I am a thousand -year old vampire that is hardened by years of death. And yet Sookie can strip away all my armor and hold my dead heart in her hands. I want to blame myself for all she went through with the FotS, even with Sam there, she was still on her own.
The memory of her last words still haunt me,
‘Eric, I love you. I know you tried. But it’s OK, Sam is here so I am not alone. I love you, viking’.
Every time I look at her or think about her, I hear those damn words. I think of how her heart slowed then disappeared, my long dead, silent heart clinches at the memory. I am immortal and she was not until now, I knew someday she would slip away from me and I am not prepared to loose My Love. I was hoping to convince her to the way of the vampire, however, she wanted to remain human and die a human death. That was just not acceptable, I could deal with the aging, but I could not deal with the slow death of a human life span. Now all that has changed, she is full fairy now and I am resistant to it. Maybe because of our bond, she did not get the full effect of the Fae. As I think of her being Fae now, I think of how it came out and hear those damn words again.
‘Eric, I love you. I know you tried. But it’s OK, Sam is here so I am not alone. I love you, viking’
It overtakes me and I cannot fight the bloody tears that run down my face, I am so distraught over the memory that I am brought to my knees shaking and shuddering. I was so withdrawn I didn’t register Sookie’s presence. She apparently felt what I was feeling and came to see what was wrong. I did not mean to interfere in her talk with Sue, I just started thinking about Sookie, it began with a ring, so simple. Yet, so hard and difficult.
I woke up to the doorbell, I popped to the door and opened it to that woman who was in bed with MY husband. “Hi Sookie, I’m Sue Lynn.” she smiled sticking her hand out for me to shake. I’m cursed with southern manners and shook hands with her. I moved out of the way and gestured for her to come in.
“Sorry there’s no coffee ready. I just woke up, but I’ll soon remedy that. Have a seat” I was actually ok with her now that I know what their relationship was or is. I offered her some Sweet tea and sat down.
She was very nice and I can see how both Sue Lynn and Eric favor Breandaun. We were talking about anything and everything, when she said we should have a girls day and then remembered she didn’t have her spa things. I said gleefully, “Don’t worry, I got it” I conjured up up all the tings we would need to have a girls day. We talked about how Eric and I met and eventually got together. “So, your saying that you were together before you truly knew and openly admitted to your love for him?” Sue Lynn asked looking incredulous. “Yes, as odd as it seems. He openly said he loved me and I was so scared to admit it and wasn’t sure about the bond and the effects. When he was gone, I missed him and I missed the bond cause I couldn’t feel him” I said holding back tears remembering the time when I missed him so much.
We then talked about what happened with her father and the assassins. “To have both of them as lovers was quite gross, I couldn’t talk to him with them near him, eww” Sue said making a gross noises.
I then felt Eric rise with confusion as I painted her toe nails. She smiled as Eric came around the corner. I could see the love they had for each other that was solely sibling love. After Eric grabbed his blood and insulted our facials he went down stairs while I ran through how I ascended to my Fae heritage or my Faeness.
“He heard you die?” she asked with tears in her eyes. “Yes, he stayed with me until my heart stopped. He told me to walk through the flames and he’d heal me.” I said as a tear slipped down my cheek.
“What happened then?” she asked. “I agreed, but it was too late. I couldn’t get up from the floor where I had slumped.” I said as a pain rippled through my chest. It must have been apparent on my face that something happened. “The bond right? I should take my leave, tell my brother I’ll be by to see him.” Sue said as she popped. I hoped that Eric would be passed this by now. I hadn’t thought of how it really effected him. Of course it affected me, I’m not a thousand year- old vampire used to death, but I can’t let him go through this pain alone, he didn’t leave me alone to go through mine.
I cleaned the facial mask off by waving my hand in front of my face and popped to my husband. I saw him on his knees shaking from crying and it was enough for me to just die. I rushed to him and got down next to him and hugged him as we both remembered what happened that day and where it brought us to today. He is changing now that I have changed and I don’t know where it will take us. He is always so strong for me and now I have to be strong for him. “Eric we need to exchange blood.” I said turning his face to mine. “We need to complete our new bond and try to move on from this, we still have Madden to kill.” I said with a small smile. “Sookie, I have something to give you” he said walking to the safe I’d already found.. I stood up to sit on the bed, when he came back. “My Love, I have waited for a love like ours to come along for so long that I’d thought I lost my chance when I was turned.” he said as he knelt down in front of me hold my hand in his. He held a box up to me and showed me a beautiful ring. “My wife, I want to make you my legal everything, but only if you would allow me the honor of telling me yes” he then slid the ring on my finger, I let out a breath I no longer needed. “YES, a thousand times yes” I yelled as I peppered his face with kisses. I looked at the ring and smiled at the black and clear stones. “Are these onyx, they are very beautiful.” I looked closer and smiled at his sexy smirking face. “What? These aren’t onyx are they?” I stared at him. “No they aren’t. They’re black diamonds. I saw it and felt that it was the one.” he held my hand and looked at the ring he just gave me. ” I picked it because I saw how it represented us and our relationship” he went on to explain he was dark and I was light and our worlds inter weave and bind us together. I can see how he got that and I agree with it, but it really doesn’t matter. I love him!
After we exchanged blood again and he slipped off to sleep at about 5:30 this morning. I grabbed his laptop and went on a few jewelry sites looking for a wedding ring for him, one that matches mine, at least partially. I went on Zales because that’s the only jewelry store I know and found the perfect ring it’s a platinum band with black and white diamonds in a slant. Unfortunately I can’t find a criss cross ring for men, until I started googling what I was looking for. I found a ring that was so manly that I hoped Eric would like it and another one that was equally as nice that I bought it anyway. I figure I can ask Pam and see what she thinks. I assume we can get married after we handle all the Las Vegas business. I looked at wedding dresses and found some I’ll also ask Pam for her opinion on. I picked black and white to match our rings I also found some shoes that I think are just too cute. Tomorrow I’ll see what Eric thinks about as far as a wedding day goes.
At about a quarter of 7 I decide it’s bedtime. I clear out my searches and sites I was on and shut down the laptop to join my hot man in bed. I lie down next to him and he rolls over and looks at me. ” Up late like a vampire, were you working?” he smirked. ” Oh, I was checking out some things and seeing my other husband. You see, he is a vampire and he sleeps during the day so I have to watch him and fantasize about him.” I smirked back. “Oh, I see. Should I go to sleep as well so you can finish your fantasies?” he asked with a false innocence that makes me want to slap him. “Oh shut up and hold me so we can sleep” I growled. “Don’t like it do you Little One?” he smiled as he cuddled me into his side. “Shut up” I said as sleep took us both.

A/N: I started getting stumped around here and would like some input. Nothing to ridiculous please.


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  1. I’m glad Sookie and Sue are getting along. I love the rings! Do you have a picture? What ideas were you looking for regarding the plot? Seems like you were going after Madden and de Castro. Is Freyda involved? You could go AU and have Felipe and Victor fall under Sookie’s spell and protect her and Eric. Whatcha thinking?

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