Immortally Wounded CH.3

I could see how much My Sookie loved me, after all she did try to release me from Ocella’s hold. However, her hot- sexy anger over not feeling me most of all shows her love. I can’t help but want to show her how much I missed her as many times it takes. But first things first. Being the big bad ass vampire I love to be, I just stared at her. Allowing her rants and then I would just sweep her off her feet.

‘Yes that will do’, I thought to myself.

Wait, what is that? Right there, is that guilt I detect in the bond? Hm, she feels guilty about Ocella. Oh, happy day! I have now decided to end this argument which has now become a full on fight. She would have to concede that I am suppose to avenge Ocella’s death and by giving her a pass she will have to shut up her crazy woman yelling. I am excited about this prospect, but I can’t show it or let her feel it. “You were going to kill my maker.. for me, but still”, I faltered. I just lost this fight. Telepath 1 viking 0. ‘Yay me’, I grumbled internally.
“Are you serious?” I screeched. “Yes, surprisingly. Had it gotten out that you killed my maker, I would have to either kill you or at least torture you… I know you must really love me, that is why I left your part out of it completely”, he said like I should be thankful. He was grasping at straws and he knew it, that’s why he threw the whole love shit in there. “Well, thanks I guess”, I muttered. I’ll give him this one, but nothing happened when I killed that bitch Lorena. Wait a damn minute! He was trying to deflect my anger, that bastard! ” Wait a minute, hold on to that victory dance Viking” I said waiting for him to pay attention. “All the killing and torture aside”, I flicked my hand letting him know that was definitely off the table. “Why couldn’t I feel you?” I questioned quirking an eyebrow. ” I had to hold the bond, even though you freed me, I still had my maker’s bond broken and I felt everything that comes along with that.” He sighed and continued. “I had to spare you that pain,” he admitted. I could see the pain he was hiding etched on his face. “Could you feel me?” I asked. “Sometimes, but not always as usual, I felt your turmoil” he muttered.

‘What, sum-bitch felt it’!!I thought.

‘Shit, I just signed my death warrant by giving her more ammunition’, I mentally berate myself.
She’s just staring at me with all these emotions running across her face and the bond way too fast to catch. I’m definitely not sleeping with her tonight, not even getting laid for my “broken heart”, yep not happening. She doesn’t look as angry as I thought. She seems to be softening some. I will approach slowly so she doesn’t feel cornered.

‘What? Is this Animal Planet’? I mentally smack myself.

She does feel like she is confused though, maybe I should at least try to hold her.

So many thoughts, I can’t decide on what I heard or what I feel.

‘Anger, I will feel anger’, decision made I thought.

Is he walking over here? Did he not know what he just said?

‘Oh, keep it coming Northman, you have no idea how bad I want to give you a hug, oh yes a hug with a stake that is’ I thought to myself.

He thinks I’m so fragile, so quickly swayed by his hot viking sex that I would forgive this trespass. I may be a christian, but I’m a shitty christian, so obviously giving me a hug to quell my anger is not the way to go. But he wouldn’t know that cause my shields are up blocking him from my side of the bond, who knows if his side is even open.
‘That asshole, he wanted to spare me his pain and grief, yet he still didn’t call and tell me that before or after he did it’, my anger rose to a rage quickly. But, I just smiled.

She seems approachable, I can stop the careful cotton ball approach. I step quickly to envelope her into my arms.

‘Wow, she has a lot of rage bottled up in there. Why is she smiling?’ I wonder.

I’m taken aback by her smiling face and her feeling the exact opposite of happiness. This is a new development. Standing here trying to decipher her mood is…


5 thoughts on “Immortally Wounded CH.3

  1. They are like two boxers. Headed to the center of the ring. They need to stop and take a minute to dig below the gamesmanship to how they feel for eachother!!

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