Immortally Wounded CH. 4

With all the blood Eric has given me, since Neave and Lochlan, it gave me the strength to cause Eric to take a few steps back. At that point I realized the ramifications that came from punching a vampire, I was out the door. I ran to my car to get the hell outta dodge. On the way I started to feel a little guilty, not much though considering what he has put me through.

‘But still.’ I thought.

I looked back to see where he was and saw that he was just standing there holding his face. I guess he was in more shock than pain because not much pain can be inflicted on a vampire. When I turned to look back to where I was going I ran face first into a tree.


“What. The. Fuck. Sookie?”, I said to no one. She punched me, that infuriating woman! I looked up and saw her running to her car.
‘Does she think she can out run a pissed off vampire?’ I wondered.
If I really was being honest with myself, I would admit that she had a right to punch me. I could have called her and told her what I was doing, but that point is overwith and now on to a much needed discussion. Although it was kind of hot to feel her fury, it’s not hot to feel that fury directed at me. I need to get her and stop this fight now and show her she can’t just punch a vampire when her mood dictates, what if it wasn’t me and what if another vampire tries to make an example out of her?
‘Feisty fairy. Mm , I like it.’ I thought as I zipped in front of said feisty fairy.
Sitting on my butt I realize, I am not hurt and there is no tree in my front yard. I look up at a very pissed off viking vampire. ” Woman, you do not strike your bonded, that is not love!” he said with that silk on ice voice that sends chills up my spine. “Letting me wonder if you died or left me isn’t either.” I said equally as cold standing up. Wiping the dirt off my butt I felt only anger in the bond, so I was not surprised there, his shock surprised me so I looked up. “If I wanted an abusive relationship I would be with another vampire not an angry human woman!” he yelled. He was right. “Well you deserve it, you push me away then comeback here thinking I would hug you and claim my love for you” I yelled back. He hesitated, maybe thinking about what I said. “Maybe, maybe I did deserve it! Or maybe I wanted you to hug me and love me!” He yelled. The look in his eyes showed the hurt he wouldn’t let me feel.”But that punch was… not … expected” was all he could say. I just realized his fangs down, I can now see the pain he was trying to hide, it matched the pain I was feeling. “You can’t do this Eric, you can’t push me away” I said knowing how he must have felt when I pushed him away all that time. I have to diffuse this fight and still be right.”I wasn’t trying to push you away.”he muttered.
She was right. I pushed her away, I really wasn’t trying to. I needed my space to figure out this pain for someone didn’t care all that much about. Sookie didn’t get it, but I wanted to explain so that she would, but her moods were running hot and cold. She was right and I was right, we just didn’t talk to each other so we were both wrong. She feels calm now so maybe we can talk about it. Maybe I’ll get my hug and love, then later some really hot make up sex in her shower. I remember the first time, when I was cursed. Every time is equally as great, but you never forget the first time with the one you love. I suppose I should just admit defeat. Wait, why is she so filled with rage again? “This is not how you treat your wife Eric!” she yelled.
‘She’s good.’ I smiled interally
I knew that would stop him in his tracks, so I walked back into the house. I need to shower and when he decides to come in we’ll talk, but right now I need to wash this dirt and Merlotte’s off me. Stepping into a warm shower didn’t feel as good as I thought it would. Yes, I ended the argument, I took Eric off his high horse. Yet, I don’t feel good about it, I’m not sure how I feel.”What the hell is on my face” I asked out loud to the shower wall. I swiped my cheek with my hand to find tears. I hadn’t noticed I was crying, I just stuck my head completely under the water spraying down. It didn’t stop my tears from falling.
‘What did I do?’ I cried.
The realization of punching Eric was more than I could bare. I had to get out before I fell in the shower. I have never hit anyone on purpose before, whenever I did it was self defense. I tell him ‘not talking to me isn’t how you treat the person you love’ and look at what I do. I managed to get out of the shower and get into my room before I collapsed.
I was shocked, I just watched her go back in the house.

‘She said she was my wife, finally’ I thought.
“Oh does she know how to shut me up and win the argument.” I chuckled out loud. I roamed this earth for a thousand plus years and only she could shock me. I’ll wait out here for the bond to calm down and we can talk and finish the night on a better note. Walking back through the yard I check the bond and am pleased to find calm and warmth. Sookie must be in the shower, washing all the day away. I smile waiting to go in and hug and kiss her. However, my smile fades when I feel the shift in the bond to something in… inconsolable. Guilt and hurt. What? No, I didn’t want to hurt her or make her feel guilty. She’s hurt, guilty, and warm. She’s crying in the shower. I want to go in, but I know she doesn’t like to show her tears and I’ve seen a lot of those tears recently due to those psychotic fairy assassins. I moved inside the door, locking it. The sadness never waned, it only deepened. Then my heart just hurt with the pain. I instinctively put my hand over my heart, her heart, feeling the pain.. of self hatred. Self hatred so strong it brought me to my knees. I can’t wait anymore, she’ll just have to be mad at me. I flew up to her room, I don’t know if I actually flew or not, but the sight I saw when I got there, I was glad I did.


5 thoughts on “Immortally Wounded CH. 4

  1. I like that he actually cares about how she feels and that he is so pleased that she acknowledges herself as his wife. In the books this was their moment when all was almost right for them

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