Immortally Wounded CH.6



I left Sookie sleeping and went outside. I found myself walking over to woods. I stopped at the edge where Ocella was slain by that damn fairy and knelt down. That fairy has my thanks though, but he won’t hear it from me as he set wheels in motion.

I was sad but more relieved than anything. I’m free. Yes, I am relieved to be free. I am grateful to my maker, if I wasn’t turned I would have never found a love like Sookie as a human. I was married when I was turned, I loved Aude, but more like a friend or sister, I appreciated her for being the woman of the house and raising my children the way they ought to. But, I was resigned to a life of a chieftain’s son, I couldn’t just divorce her and find another I actually loved.

‘ Yes, it is terrible how this happened, but I don’t regret’, I thought looking at Sookie in her bedroom window. ‘ She takes my breath away…if I had breath that is‘, I thought.

I felt her wake up, but I had to say a goodbye to my master. Even though he was less to be desired as a maker, he still trained me and with that training I managed to live these centuries.

‘To find Sookie’, I thought.


I woke feeling hollow and alone, Eric was gone. Through the bond I could feel he was still here. I glanced over at the alarm clock and saw it was only 3:00a.m, I felt like it should have been morning already. I looked around the room and saw that his clothes were gone, so I put my robe on to go look for him. As I passed the window, I saw Eric kneeling in the grass near the woods, I assumed where Appius fell.

‘ My husband’ I thought staring at his graceful body.

” How I do love you, how did I get so lucky” I whispered to myself hoping the distance and the closed window would be out of his vampire hearing. I turned to take my robe off when I felt strong arms wrap around me from behind. I wasn’t scared, I knew who it was, or should I say I could feel who it was. ” I’m sorry if I’m not always available to you the way you deserve”, he whispered in my ear sending shivers up my spine. I turned to him and reached my hand up and caressed his cheek and whispered, “You’re always there, for me, even all those times I pushed you away…” I paused feeling my throat tighten. “The minute I thought you weren’t…” I trailed off not wanting to rehash it all. If I never had to be out of those strong arms, I don’t think I would, but I had to say something and I need his attention. I sighed ready to say something I didn’t think I would say to a vampire.


When Sookie sighed, I felt a bomb was about to be dropped and I had to detour that, so I cut her off. ” Dear one, I can’t get passed you wanting to be my wife.” I smiled, then a fleeting thought came across my mind. ” Is that… something you want?” I forced out scared of the answer. It is something she has to embrace and has to know her place when dealing with other vampires. Sookie knows I won’t make her heel, but if she makes me I will. I’m sure I can’t, I can’t even glamor her. Sookie is quick on her feet and can always talk her way out of whatever, but… then she went on to surprise me some more.


“I don’t think I have wanted something more. I just need to work through all my other .. issues.” I sighed. There I said it, even though I do feel that way, it’s hard admitting that to Eric. I know I shocked him with my admission, it’s all over his beautiful face. I want him, I need him, dare I say I love him. He means so much to me and yet at ever turn I push him away. One day I’m going to push him and he’s just going to keep going. That scares me. I never thought I could be with Eric, let alone love him, even though I’ll say it, I never thought I could truly mean it. I told Amelia, Tara, even Sam that I love Eric. Yet I have never told myself. I always defended everything we are, but never saw the truth in it. If I will be admitting things, I’ll admit to knowing I always loved him, but kept it on a ‘need to know basis’, if you will.

He always kept it truthful, even though he did say I may not tell you everything’, still he kept it truthful what he did tell me and he usually told me everything. I somehow have to do something for him. ” My little one, I can’t erase everything, but I can make you happy. Even when you don’t want to be”, He said with a knowing smile. With that I stepped back looked into those beautiful, deep eyes.

” I’ll do the same, I’ll even let you scare me.” I giggled. His eyes became so bright with happiness.

” You’ll be the victim?” he was so excited now, maybe it was a bad idea. “you have to fight back though..and… Oh! Scream a little too!” he exclaimed pacing my room. Ok that pissed me off. WHAT. THE. FUCK? Looks like realization hit him.


My love, my wife made me so happy. ‘But all good things must come to an end’ as they say. My happiness faded with her red hot rage that quickly crept back through the bond. And now the yelling begins. “You want me to what?” she yelled. ” Well you offered and you use to let me chase you” I struggled for words. “Eric Northman, your happiness is sick!” she screeched, I wonder if she may be part banshee. Then she did it.

I know shock must have ran across my face when she struck this time cause, no human ever made me bleed


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