Immortally Wounded Ch. 7



It took me a few seconds to get out the initial shock before I looked up to see her grab her keys and take off out the door. After the shock my anger set in and I walked down stairs at a human pace to try calming down.

I walked to the back door and thought ‘wait she didn’t park back here when she came home’

I went to the front door and flung it open. By now my anger has not dissipated as I wished. I saw her reach her car and struggling with the door. “See this is what I mean by embracing and heeling” I said under my breath. I can still feel her anger and now fear, maybe I can use that to show her that she can’t continue to act this way.

‘What’s that saying.. Oh yes, fool me once shame on you, but fool me twice and all that’, I thought smiling.


I made it outside to my car, lucky I grabbed my keys on the way out because my door was locked. While I was running I looked back and didn’t see Eric, but now I look back and he’s at the front door. I can’t see his face all that well, but I can feel the anger.

‘Perfect, damn these keys!‘, I thought frantically.‘It’s not going to work!’

All that trying to get the hell out dodge did nothing, because he was on me. I turned and tried to fight back I didn’t want him to kill me, but I didn’t want to kill him either, but I will if I have to.

‘No I won’t’, I thought.

I reached behind me and grabbed the car keys and hopefully, get him off me and get in the car. That was the idea until he growled at me.


I found myself grabbing her trying to keep her from running, but she was fighting back and that only added fuel to the fire that was my anger while trying to keep her efforts a bay. I didn’t noticed her reaching for the keys till she stabbed me in the face with her car key. Lucky, I can heal because that would have pissed me off to have a scar on my face. Causing only some discomfort, but fueling my anger some more to now a full outrage. I looked up to see her running into the woods. I can feel the fear rolling off her(and something else), turning my rage into blood-lust and it doesn’t help having that damn fairy smell shoved up my nostrils.

‘Does she think she can do this to me and get away with it, I’ll drain her!’ I growled. ‘No, I won’t…’, I shook my head.

I stepped into the woods and felt her in front of me behind a tree. I decided to step on a branch to lure her out. I am a hunter after all and my Sookie is now my prey as well.


As soon as I made it passed the tree line, I picked up small tree branch and ripped the twigs and leaves off while I stood behind a tree. Now I had my weapon.

Tonight is so not going how I planned’ I thought beginning to feel defeated. ‘How can someone you love just get so angry at you? Stop lying, you know how’, I thought as I began to feel how his anger has turned to rage then to blood-lust and I thought ‘Oh shit! I’m in trouble now’, my panic kicking into high gear.

I heard a branch break near me and lunged out to stake him(yeah right!). I never wanted to do this, but if it’s me or him, I like me better.

‘I’m an asshole…’, my mind told me.


She jumped out as I planned so I was able to catch her wrist before she staked me.

‘She tried to stake me’ I thought sadly.

I never wanted to do this, but… I guess if it’s between her or me, I like me more. I will get over her and start my life over..not likelyI thought angrily.

“YOU TRIED TO KILL ME!” I growled. ” DIE ALREADY YOU DEAD SHIT” My love retorted. I had her on her back before she could say anything else. I bit into her neck savagely, tasting her life force, feeling it in my veins as she screamed. I could feel myself harden from the blood-lust, fear, and the much unwanted victory. I hope this is the beginning of moving on. ‘Really?‘, I heard my mind asking me.

I had Sookie in the dirt and leaves ready to drain my bonded when I heard her laughing. I looked at her and saw her laughing, I could feel the humor, love, and.. arousal(?)pouring in the bond in droves. ” What..” I stammered. ” Was that good my viking?” she asked laughing. It finally hit me, she did this for me! I pulled my jeans down quickly, I had to get into her. ‘I already fed, so what’s left after that in blood-lust’ my mind growled. I pushed her robe aside and entered her. ” Min Guddina” I gasped.


He took me hard and fast. Both mine and Eric’s releases were big, maybe the biggest so far. Eric laughed and whispered, ” I love you , my Sookie” into my ear. I smiled,” I love you too, we need to get in the shower before dawn.” I pouted, he likes it when I pout. He sucked my bottom lip and grunted pulling up his jeans. I attempted to stand up when he picked me up and through me over his shoulder fireman style. “Oh yes, we can do this again!” I said pulling leaves and twigs out of my hair. That got me a playful slap on the butt as I was carried up to the front door. I was rewarded with another smack on the butt as we ascended the stairs.

“Little one, we don’t have to do this anymore” he stated setting me down in the bathroom. I took off my robe while he pulled off his jeans and shirt. I don’t know if I should tell him, he may get carried away.

“I kind of liked it, we just can’t do it all the time or we’ll loose passion for it” I stated like it was matter of fact, like I knew what I was talking about. “Oh Sookie, I’ll never loose passion for hunting.” he winked grinning. “Did this really scare you?” He asked hopeful. I said I would tell the truth from now on so.

“To be honest I just got a little carried away with trying to get you mad. It got more serious than I planned.”, I grinned sheepishly. “You know, I was a little scared, but it was hot! I knew it wouldn’t go that far, well I hoped” I smiled getting a little aroused.

“Especially at the end” I smirked. I could see his eyes glaze over as he approached me. “Especially what at the end?” he asked with his own sexy smirk.

I grabbed his hard erection and pulled him close to me causing him to hiss.

“Mmm, when you were biting me and fucking me so hard and fast” I said turning around to walk into the bathroom. “Oh my Sookie, how I do love you” he whispered into my ear while scraping his fangs over my ear lobe. A shivered and let a low growl escape my lips and said.

“Let’s get in the shower”. He took me slow and steady up against the shower wall and then slow and hard in the bedroom a few more times before going to the hidey- hole in my old room close to dawn. I could only smile as I drifted off thinking only of my viking.

A/N: So… I’m wondering how lemony should this get? Well you have no choice considering I’ve been sitting on this story since before I became a member on this site.. so nah, nahna, nah, nah! Welcome coming up is some great, interesting $h*t so stay tuned and review!

If you review the chapters will come…(yeah dorky, angels in the outfield reference) BUT IT’S TRUE…

Min Guddina- My Goddess


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