Immortally Wounded CH. 8

I woke to a faint sound of knocking. I cracked open one eye and focused on the noise, someone was at my door. I jumped up and rushed to the bathroom yelling “I’ll be right there!” After using the bathroom and checking to see if Eric healed where he so savagely bit into my neck. The memory of it sent chills down my spine and woke up other parts of me. I shook off the lustful feelings and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and threw on a simple little summer dress and ran for the door.
“Sorry, I must..” I started. “Delivery, for Mrs. Northman?” the delivery man stammered. Delivery? From who? So I asked. ” Delivery? Who from?” I’m sure he noticed how shocked I was, but I did not lower my shields. Some things don’t need to be confirmed. ” Uh..a Mr. Northman..” he said a little shocked handing me a clip board.

‘What’s so shocking?’ I wondered.

I looked over the package contents and saw nothing that held my interest. Only thing I did see that was of any notice was that I was receiving three packages.
‘Three packages? What the hell is he giving me? We really need to talk about this whole gift giving thing he has going’, I thought.
“I’ll get your boxes first then I’ll get started on your windows” he smiled. What. The. Fuck? “Windows? What do you mean windows? I asked shocked. ” Mr. Northman left you a message, I’ll get it for ya!” he said nervously as he walked away. I was shocked I’d be getting windows, I mean most if them were replaced during the fire re-mod. What the hell is Eric doing now? My thoughts stilled when the delivery.. repairman.. window guy or whatever he was came back. “I wasn’t suppose to give this to you now. I was suppose to wait till I’m done” he smiled and let out a nervous giggle. OK this is so wrong when a 250 lb. man giggles. “I’ll wait for you to finish to get it. I have to get ready for work anyway.” I smiled hoping he wouldn’t do that weird nervous giggle thing. Odd.
I made my way back inside to get ready for work, I had the early dinner shift. I could’ve had the lunch shift, but the lunch crowd gave less tips and with dinner I get more hours of making hot viking love.
‘UGH!! Seriously, that’s what it is now?’ I shook my head.
I showered, put on my uniform, did my hair and threw on some make up and rushed outside to the delivery guy…or whatever. I had to walk around the house to find Hank, his name tag read. ” Wow, your almost done?” I said in disbelief. ” Your on the last window!” I smiled ready for my note from my husband. ‘Whoa, I said that more than once in the last twenty four hours’ I laughed to myself. “Miss, I am all done” Hank said getting down off his ladder.
“Wow, that was fast, has it been that long” I asked thinking I had taken forever to get ready.
“Not that long, only about forty-five minutes. When you have done this as many times I have, time just breezes by” he chuckled. I smiled back and he handed me my note, I waved and went back inside to read it.
As I sat at the kitchen table I studied the penmanship, it was so beautiful. Now I’m wondering when he had the time to write this and arrange black out windows.

‘Damn vampires with the multitasking.’ I shook my head as I began to read.
My Wife,
You have no idea how it thrills me to hear you acknowledge our union. In thanks for the gift you have given me last night, I have arranged for a gift to us. The gift of the hunt and thrill of the fight was so perfect that I do not wish to do it again. It was a glimpse into my nature I thought was gone. I loved the way you fought me, made my undead heart beat again if only a moment. Yes, I had the black out windows installed for maybe a selfish purpose, but a gift non the less.
I want to wake and smell you on every surface. Smell your sweetness mix with the scent of sunshine. Feel the softness of your hair on my skin. Feel you in my every cell. I want to see your glow, a glow a husband can only see in his wife. A glow I have only seen in you.
Your husband, Eric.
Once I looked up and saw my reflection in the hall mirror I saw the tears I didn’t know crept out. I wiped them and made a promise: “My husband, I have failed you and your love, I cannot continue this path if it is to only hurt you.” I said out loud meaning every word. I turn to leave when I felt him. I think he heard me, I hope Eric did.
I woke from a dream with a start. Sookie was leaving, leaving me I suppose not really sure, but it was enough to bring tears to my eyes. I always knew that there was something about Sookie that I wanted, it took me awhile to realize that it was love. I wanted her to love me the same way I loved her. I have resigned myself to realize that Sookie was only for now. She doesn’t want to be a vampire and I won’t take that choice from her. I suppose I should let her go. But I can not, if my heart only bleeds misery then I will not bleed on her. After I came to this realization I heard her. ” I cannot continue this path if it is only to hurt you” she mumbled through sobs. I can’t let her. I won’t let her, she can hate me if she wants.
Looking at one of the blackout windows I have a thought. I walk down the hall smiling with my new plan.

‘Now I have these awesome windows I can check on my Eric and steal a kiss before work’ I giggled.

But that good feeling was lost when I approached the spare bedroom door and felt his horror. Fear ran through me and I quickly realized it wasn’t my own. I threw the door open and saw Eric staggering out of the closet.
“Sookie ” he said in a gruff raspy voice. If this weren’t a serious situation I would say he sounded sexy as hell.
“Eric” was all I could say. ” Don’t go” he had dry red tear stains that had run down the side of his face to where he had been sleeping. “What” was all I could squeeze out, the sight of him was killing me. “Don’t leave me Sookie” he begged with fresh tears streaming down his face. It broke my heart, I have never seen him this way. He seems so scared and broken. “Don’t go where? Leave you? Eric I’m going to work, it’s almost three. I said hoping he’d calm down. “Three? Why am I up?” he questioned more to himself. ” Oh, Eric, baby, you must have had a bad dream” I said hoping he wouldn’t feel I was patronizing him. ” Dream? We don’t dream.” he said a little short. ” I heard you and it sounded like good bye are you leaving me?” he asked solemnly. I tried to remember what I could have said to upset him this way.
“No Eric” I said grabbing his arms. “Tell me what you heard me say.” I asked thinking he heard something from his dream. After he repeated what I said earlier about hurting him, I reassured him that I was only going in to work and I’d be back in a few hours to show him how much I love him.” Sookie, Baby is not a word I like to hear, I am not a baby, that ship sailed over a thousand years ago” he said calmly. I was at a loss for words so I just stared at him. “However for some reason, when you say it… I get hard” Then he showed me exactly how ok with it he was. “Eric, why did you show me that? I have to leave for work now with viking dick burned into my eyes” I laughed. All Eric could do was smirk and show that smile I love. “Now every time I walk up to a customer all I’ll see is Eric Jr winking at me” I laughed and gave him a kiss before telling him to go lay down. With a last goodbye I was out the door to the wonderful, dreadful Merlotte’s. Yay, me….


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