Immortally Wounded Ch. 9

A/: That(below) is the original author’s note for ch.9 when I first published this story on I posted this once again on to show my appreciation for all the assistance and helpful praise. I appreciate it so much when someone wants you to do good and helps you get there.

A/N: so, I have you in my web of suspense now… how unintentional it was, I am still grateful for your interest. This chapter will have a unique character due to the love I’m getting from KYSun. Every review from gives me the gumption to put this damn MS on the back burner. I have created a character specific to her and I want you to show my creation some love.



Her dream/nightmare explanation seems possible had I been anything other than vampire. I still have no idea as to why it happened at all. Questions seem to be the ever growing factor regarding Sookie Stackhouse. Laying here with her gone more questions flood my mind. Why am I awake? Why could I hear her enough to wake me? Even though I feel she was being truthful in the bond, I still can’t help but feel that I’m loosing Sookie, my Sookie. Everything that is her and I seems to be changing. She says she can forgive me for not coming to her aid with the Fairy assassins, but I feel as though she still holds resentment. There’s things she wants and I cannot give, and things she needs and I am not allowed to give. She wants to work and be independent, but wants me to accept that.. She is a mystery inside a enigma, inside a… fairy, need I say more? I want to give my everything to her with no expectations. Shocking? Yes?

Sitting here I feel the sun and yet, I don’t feel the need for rest. I am holding the bond back as much as I can to keep my alertness underground in order not to worry Sookie. I can feel she is outside and she is not alone. I feel her happiness, it must be a friend rather than foe. I want to know who can give her that amount of happiness, no matter how little. Her happiness has not been at full. She says that she is as happy as can be, but I realize only with me. I have known for awhile that I’m at my happiest with my bonded as well. In all these centuries I have not known a happiness as such as her love. Unconditional, unyielding, and hopeful. Yes, she took her time to understand the bond does not create what is not already there, but now she has accepted my love.

In my all my centuries, I have never seen a vampire love, other than their children. How can she love me? Open her heart to a vampire? Love is my only answer. Sookie’s heart is an open book. At least till she is spurned, then she shuts down and is broken. I have seen her come back more times than I would want to see. Much like myself, she doesn’t allow anyone to see her weakness and vulnerability. That is an attribute we only afford each other. I see my weakness as a perverse entity. A way for a takeover. Where Sookie sees it as life. Inspiration to wake up everyday.

Yes, strategy is first and foremost a benefit to immortality. I have not survived all this time showing my hand. Survival is much like a game of poker, a royal straight flush has been my ever winning hand during this long gamble. I want to live stress free, but to no end deadly enough that it is not possible. Giving all my love to an asset is unheard of and to bond to said asset is a nail in my coffin. I’m sure Madden and De Castro are dying to have Sookie as a willing or an unwilling addition to Nevada or New Orleans. Compton was willing to fight to the death for a love lost not knowing what would happen if he did die. I did not fold as they thought, I still have an ace up my sleeve. To live serving a cretin and his second is to profit victory. I have given every scenario as to my downfall and yet they saw no opportunity. Every card they play I pick up to play against them. Ace.

I feel the sun working against me now so, I grabbed my phone for a quick text to my Little one to tell her of a note in her crappy, ugly Malibu. As I felt the tug of the sun I recalled what Sookie called me ‘Baby’, the most mundane human appellation I ever heard referred to an adult male, a 1000 year-old vampire none the less. Only drawback is how it excited me, I became so aroused that I nearly brought her in this cramped hell hole with me. I think I could live with that as long as it stayed between us. Gone for only minutes seemed like hours, years, I missed My Baby…SHIT! She’s wearing off on me.

I could feel her happiness fade into mere contentment as she gradually moved away. I’m sure darkness took me with a smile as I said My Baby.


Heading over to my car I heard tires on my gravel. I looked up and was so happy to see my friend. My wolf, as Eric calls him. Alcide was in his impressive black truck nearly racing over once he saw my out of his driver’s side widow. When he pulled to a stop few feet from me I couldn’t help but smile.”Alcide!” I smiled. He was tall and handsome, if I hadn’t loved my viking I may have entertained the notion of a human marriage and babies, but I am very happy with my big baby inside. “Hey stranger” he said almost leering. I’m sure he heard Eric was missing and assumes he left me. All that aside I was happy to see him. I hadn’t seen him since my night as a shaman. I couldn’t help but smile. “So my pack master, how ya doin?” I asked maybe with a little flirt. “Fine Sook I have a question for you… on behalf of the pack ” he said softly. Mmm, what could that be? “You want me to be your shaman?” I asked dropping the flirt and crossing my arms over my chest. “What? How did you know, I wasn’t even thinking that?”Alcide asked shocked. “Well” I snickered. Now that I had his undivided attention. I walked over to the car Eric claims a skit logg, whatever that is. I turned around to see Alcide inches away. “You now, I actually now that I really think of it, I enjoyed the experience with the exception of throwing up..” “I’m sorry about that” he cut in with a pained face. “No worries, it actually made me more aware of a few things.” I said as I thought about the favor I did for the pack a few days ago. I acted as shaman taking Peyote and what not to sniff out(no pun intended. Yes it was) a murderer in the pack. “Aware! Are you still concerned about the Fae?” he asked looking concerned. “Actually no. I needed to…see some things, you know.” I said wishing I hadn’t sounded so depressed. Well, I was tortured with in an inch of my life by fairy assassins. Even though I think I have no right when Claudine, my cousin and fairy godmother and friend Tray Dawson died protecting me.

” Well, Sookie you seem interested!” He exclaimed like it was Christmas morning.

” Can you tell?” I blushed.” Yeah a little.” he smiled.” I’m sure you’ll have to run this by Eric before you can commit.” he said fishing for an update into my love life. I simply smiled and popped his wishful thinking bubble. ” I’ll talk to him when I get home from work” I simply stated hoping that will get him of my back. “Alright then, just let me know. It’s no rush.” he said with anticipation back in his voice.

I watched him get into his truck and drive away with a wave. “Sad, if we got together, i wouldn’t know the love of a viking.” I said to no one. getting in my driver’s seat I saw a note from Eric. As I looked over his handwriting I caressed each letter as if it could speak to me. Acknowledging I would be late if I didn’t get a move on i slipped the note into my purse to read on a break.


3 thoughts on “Immortally Wounded Ch. 9

  1. I did love the first note. It was really sweet. The windows were a gift and he appreciated their game. He wakes for her. Alcide is probably trouble though.

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