I loved him. So many degrees of love passed from me to him on a daily basis. That is until he left me, left me for greener pastures.

We were sitting in Eric’s red corvette his lawyer dad bought for his sixteenth birthday which was yesterday. We shared our birthday, July 1,1980. we turned sixteen and were so excited about all the possibilities being sixteen could afford us. Driving, later curfews,bigger allowances and probably more small things I don’t remember. We just came back from the local bar and grille, the only place to eat out in town. Merlotte’s.

“What is it, Eric? You’ve been trying to say something all night, so spill.” I said grasping his hand in mine.

“Sookie, I…um.. I” he cleared his throat. He seemed nervous, not good. “Sookie, I think we should see other people.” He said studying the steering wheel as if it held galactic answers.

At first I was speechless and dropped his hand like it was a hot coal. I couldn’t believe my ears.

“I don’t know what to say really. Were you planning of ending our friendship as well? We’ve only been friends since the first day of kindergarten.” I mumbled.

“No, I don’t want to. I’ll have to understand if you do.” he said lifting his eyes for the first time.

“Oh thank the Jesus! You don’t to end our friendship, I am just flabbergasted at the strength of your resolve. What happened Eric, did another girl happen?” I asked not hiding my anger.

His eyes dropping told me my answer. No wonder that french girl Sophie, Sophia, Sabrina, whatever the hell her damn was has been staring at me and smiling all week. Son of bitch! I didn’t need an answer, so I just quickly got of his car and began walking home through the woods. Why walk through the woods you ask? I didn’t him to follow me with that damn whore magnet. I needed to be away from him and his cheating ass. I could hear him yelling my name, but ignored him. Really? What could he say for himself? Frenchie has only been here in town for about a month, so it must have been a few weeks at least.

I finally made it to my bridge, the only bridge in town where my parent were washed away in a flood when I was little. I come to this bridge to think and sometimes reflect and that’s exactly what I did.

All our experiences and memories came to me and a realization finally dawned on me.

“I gave that asshole my v-card!” I was in tears after realizing the mistake I made. It was his birthday present from me. He always had girlfriends and I never dated because he always would shoot down any prospects that showed me attention. So we waited until I was ready and his birthday I decide I was. That was only a few days ago, so he knew he was cheating on me and knew he was going to dump me before I let him fuck me. My first time was suppose to something I always remembered, but now it will be something I’ll always regret. At that moment two things happened. A car drove onto the bridge and the wood of the bridge beneath my feet dropped out and I fell through. I tried to hold on and hope the motorist saw what happened.

After dangling there for a minute or two a a rumble and rock music of my would be savior stopped.

“Sookie! What happened? I saw you fall through.” He said with panic in his voice.

“Your stupid car is what happened, now help me up.” I said dryly as I could.

He reached his hand down and helped me up, which was quite easy for him. Damn Viking.

After brushing splinters off my jeans I looked up to find that French bitch sitting in the passenger seat.

How long was I here that he was able to go pick her up? Seeing her was a surprise causing me to step back and when I did I dropped through the whole in the ratty bridge. I saw his face on my way down into the frigid river that was a little rough due to the recent weather fluctuation the news says. I heard Eric calling out my name and that bitch saying something(probably French and stupid). That was the last I heard as I sunk below the surface as the river dragged me along. When they say your life flashes before your eyes, they lied. Every mistake I made flashed and my biggest mistake was believing that bastard Eric really loved me. That was my last thought.


I woke to beeps and whispering voices. I opened my eyes to see gran talking to someone, but I could not see who. Then I heard his voice.

“How is she?” He sounded so concerned, but it was fake, all fake. Everything he told me about the future he wanted for us, fake. Everything he told said he felt for me, fake. I feel so used and dirty.

“The doctor said she was banged up pretty bad and caused some damage to her body that can’t be prepared, but she is fine. She survived, so go home my boy and when she wakes I’ll have her call you.” Gran ever the southern lady. If she knew what happened that night.

“Ok Gran, just tell her that I was here and to call.” He said softly before he kissed her cheek bye, well, at least that’s what it sounded like.

I heard gran shuffling over towards the bed. “Get up girl, you’re not foolin’ you’re old gran.” She said with humor in her voice that said she wasn’t upset.

I opened my eyes to see Gran’s smiling face. “How did you know?” I said trying to sit up up.

“Well, what tipped me off was how you were able to fall in the river and then Eric was at the police station giving his side of what happened and there was a red head sitting there with him. She kept trying to hold his hand while he was speaking to Andy and he just kept shrugging her off.” She said with no hidden disdain. “So are you gonna tell me what happened?” She asked.

“Why, you heard Eric?” I asked hoping she’d drop it.

“Yes, but I’d like to it from you. Especially with this girl in the picture.” Gran stated softly.

I don’t know what it is about Gran that just makes me want to confess the world’s sins. I told her everything from beginning to end. It was hard to break the premarital confession, but I did it. I asked her to not let on she knows what happened and she agreed that it would be something I would tell if I wanted.

I later learned I had been in the hospital for three days and had been on the shore of the river for a week. I was not ready to face the world and would not until I was ready. And we would soon find out when I was discharged tomorrow. Yay me! Can you tell how excited I am?


3 thoughts on “CH.1 WHOSE TRUTH

  1. Oh great start! Eric and Sookie two teenagers this is going fun to read! Eric is going to regret breaking up with Sookie…
    Loved Gran.!

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