Guest after guest showed up to ‘check on’ me so they say, I politely accepted their well wishes and prayers. It wasn’t that bad until Eric showed up.

“Hi, Eric!” I said walking away leaving the door open so he could follow me to the couch. Me and Gran agreed on me not regaling what happened at all that night to anyone. I had only told her the story of me and Eric’s break up and I would never repeat my pain and embarrassment again to anyone else. I decided to pretend I had forgotten what happened between Eric and myself, and that I forgot our relationship. Gran didn’t really agree with that, but followed my lead.

“How are you feeling?” He asked quietly. He seemed to have something he wanted to say, so I indulged him.

“I feel like crap and probably the whole wanted town to know what happened, especially since that’s the same bridge my parents went over, so you know how that was.” I smiled a small smile showing my minor amusement.

“Wha-what did you tell them, Sookie?” He stammered then cleared his throat, a clear sign of his nerves.

“I told them what I remembered.” I shrugged. Having the ability to bluff like nobody’s business came in handy when I looked up and his mouth was hanging open, ‘catching flies’ Gran would say.

“So you don’t remember me being there? What exactly do remember?” He asked after clearing his throat again. He clearly doesn’t want to rehash what happened and truthfully neither do I. I mean, who wants to go over their break up and why said break up even happened. Let’s see if he’s going to tell me.

“My mind tells me you were there, but I keep seeing the new girl there in your car. That doesn’t seem right cause you always go with me to my bridge, so that’s just weird right?” I shrugged and scrunched up my nose as I usually do when something confuses me. Like he would notice, if I was a slutty french girl maybe he’d see the difference.

“Sookie, can we go outside?” Now I had to be excited about his car and that should be fun. Yay, me..

“Sure.” I said standing up.

We went outside and I had to put on my surprised face.

“Oh my god! Eric! Where did you get this?” I shrieked. Daytime soaps next stop.

“Remember? Dad got it for my birthday. You were there.” he said exasperated.

I just shook my head no and gave a sad confused smile. Right then I decided I would only not to remember the last few weeks and not whole relationship. Childish? Yes, completely, but he will feel like the same shit I felt. A woman scorned and all that.

“How much have you lost Sookie?” Oh, he’s worried now like he cares.

“Well, the last thing I remember that’s not foggy is…” I told him all about going shopping for his birthday gift a few weeks ago and turning up nil. “Sorry I never gave you anything. I’ ll make it up to you.” I smiled a brilliant smile. Now he found his pockets and the gravel in my driveway was extremely interesting.

“Is there something I should remember?” I reached up and cupped his face.

“You gave me a present. A present I don’t deserve.” he said quietly, finally meeting my eyes to show the glassy tears ready to fall. Now I felt bad for doing this to him, but hey he deserves it right? At least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself.

“Sookie, you gave me your virginity.” he nearly choked out clearing his throat instead, such the man.

“Ok, we knew that we would one day, so what’s the problem?” I asked with an air of confusion.

“Sookie that’s not all. We broke up the night you fell through the bridge.” he said with his tears now falling as I looked all sorts of hurt. I thought it would hurt less the second time around. Boy, was I wrong.

“Wh- why? Did I do something wrong? I know I’m not as experienced as you, but I can learn, I’ll do whatever you want.” I cried and my tears were real, cause I said everything I wanted to say that night before my unfortunate round with the river.

“No Sookie, it was my fault. I wanted to experience something else and never told you about it before I jumped in feet first.” He said trying calm me and himself down, so I thought I’d throw some bitch at him, hell he deserved it.

“Something else? What guys.” I choked out. His eyes shot open so wide, it was quite comical actually.

“What? Fuck no! I wanted to see other people.” He finished in almost a whisper, but I still heard him.

“S- see other people? And when did you get this bright idea huh? Was it when the new girl showed up? I saw how she was looking at you. Did you at least wait until you dumped me?” I felt my my blood boiling over in anger. When his eyes met the gravel again I had my confirmation.

“OH MY GOD! Was it before we fucked?” I screeched. I hoped it wasn’t, but the look on his face told it was and felt the sob rip from my throat. And it was time to gain my memories. I looked at him as if I was lost.

“Sookie I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that was what you planned and when it was happening I couldn’t stop you. I took the cowards way out.” he said searching my eyes as I looked at him blankly. I just pointed at him and my lip trembled.

“You were there and you brought her with you. Why, so you could laugh together at my stupidity? When I left, you went to pick up your girlfriend to what to show me how inexperienced I am or how replaceable I am?” I asked as another sob ripped through my chest. I clutched my heart and knelt on the ground to catch my breath.

“No, I to get her to introduce her to you and thought maybe you would push me away and we could be friends. I know it was stupid, but I didn’t know what to do.” he said kneeling down next to me.

“If this is how you treat your friends, then I’m ok. I don’t need you or so called friendship. To think I’d want to be her friend let alone yours is stupid in it’s extreme.” I sad calmly through my tears. Just as I finished speaking a car pulled up in front of us and nasal voice sounded out just as Eric whispered “ Oh shit….”

“Get her off my property now Eric.” I said calmly as I searched for the biggest rock close to me.


3 thoughts on “CONFRONTATIONAL

  1. Wow Loved how Sookie faked her mental confused state! Eric acted like an asshole: really he was already chasing after Sophie’s skirt but he accepted Sookie’s birthday gift for him! Sookie did the right thing kicking him out of her house!

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