LSU is so much fun and I don’t regret not going to Tulane, even if it was in NOLA. Yeah they got the food, the music and the people out there, but it has the one thing I don’t want or need. Eric.

It’s me and my girls and we party it up and hang out every chance we get and that’s every weekend, so we are quite popular. Especially Ames, she is very Samantha Jones. I mean, like any woman worth her salt, I love Sex in the City too, but I don’t aspire to be one of the stars. Well, maybe Carrie Bradshaw, but I’m looking for that…guy, in fact I don’t go on dates that ends in a booty cal(Call me a tease if you want, but I’ve been celibate ever since Eric).We took all our required classes and are passing with all A’s. We decided since we majored in different fields of psychology, we would take the requirements first and the major last.

However, what we originally planned went out the window when we got here and saw how fun it is. Me and Ames stuck to the plan and Tara…well, Tara decided she was taking the requirements then taking time off to ‘be young’. That was alright with us, school never was her thing. Ames and I thought that since her mom was paying for college by semester, she would come back with us next semester and pick up all her necessary courses, but we don’t know if she is even gonna come back, honestly. Tara got winded quickly with how serious it is on the school front and let herself get drawn into the party life. Ames says that Tara just needs to take a break from all the pressure and she’ll make a comeback, I on the other hand think we should just call a spade a spade and not get our hopes up. I love my friend, I just don’t have as much patience with bull anymore. What happened with my once best friend and boyfriend has tainted me against expectancies and friends. I try to hold a different opinion towards my girls, but I know that eventually they will just let you down. Everyone does at some point.

One evening, while relaxing from a busy day Ames and I relaxed on the couch watching MTV when Ames said “Sook, I want to experiment.” I was not really shocked as you’d think, just curious as to where this came from. “Ok, when did this happen?” I asked as I watched yet another Black Eyed Peas video(it must have been a special). Ames seemed lost in thought and started when I nudged her

. “ Oh, sorry got lost in thought there. I met a girl last night at the party and she kissed me. I was a little shocked at first, but then extremely turned on.” She blushed. Last night we went to a frat party and while I got hit on non-stop Ames was missing, now I know why.

“So, she kissed you and I take it you liked it. So, why are you all nervous and fidgety?” I asked wondering why she’s acting so odd. Ames looked up at me instead of the hemline of her skirt. “Well, I’m not embarrassed or anything and I know you won’t judge me, it just…” she trailed off after claiming she’s not embarrassed.

Not sure about that. I wasn’t having that. “What now Ames? I didn’t quite catch that?” I smiled and held my hand to my ear signaling I could hear her. “Well, the person I’m not sure you know, but you definitely know the name.” She said hesitantly. Ames never talks with fear. Ever. This is the first time she ever spoke with fear since we were kids and she saw what Uncle Bart did to me. I then became a little nervous and scared myself.

“What’s the name Ames?” I asked softly. She stared with her mouth open then finally “Don’t worry. I’ll just figure it out first.” she smiled timidly. Timid Ames never was and something was surely making her timid and it was a little nerve racking.

“Name Amelia Broadway.” I gritted through my teeth.

When I did that which was rare, Ames knew I was serious. “It’s Pam.” she paused long enough I could give her the hairy eyeball Gran was so famous for. After clearing her throat she finally spoke.

“Pam. Pam Ravenscroft.” She said before ducking her head down as I tried to find my speech.

Pamela Ravenscroft, I hadn’t heard that name in some years and now here it is bringing back memories I’d rather keep hidden. Knowing she was never really close to her cousin is a good thing, but it won’t stop the hurt of seeing her and answering any question she has about us. I never seen her before other than the pictures Eric had and she was beautiful, she had the same Swedish features as Eric that you could just tell they were related. As much as I wanted to tell Amelia to figure out another lesbian to play in that fantasy, I couldn’t just tell Ames she couldn’t have certain ‘friends’ even if I wanted nothing to do with it. I mean, I’m ok with the whole experimenting thing or full fledged lesbianism, but I wanted no part of that friendship. Even when Ames made friends with the wrong people, I never got involved, that was something she needed to find out on her own. While I sat thinking about what Ames just told me, there was a knock at the door and Ames jumped up to get it. It was then that I saw how dark it was outside, I lost almost two hours of chill and talk time with Ames before her date. I hoped her date was a guy, but that was dashed away when the beautiful and infamous Pam walked in giving me a confused stare, probably trying to figure out where she knew me from. I waved and skedaddled off to my room not wanting to have that conversation. When I entered my room I thew myself onto my bed and cried and a few minutes later I heard Ames say ‘bye’ as the door closed, I just cried myself to sleep. I still loved and missed him.

The next morning while my caffeinated lover(coffee) I was brought out of my morning musings by a seductive “Hello” and I looked up into the same ice blue eyes that my love has.

“None of that lesbian weirdness, Pam” I said before I thought about it.

“So it was you I saw yesterday.” Pam said with a hint of amusement, I just nodded. I held up my coffee cup and pointed to the coffee machine on the counter.

“Why did you leave without saying hi last night?” She asked innocently. I shrugged my shoulders and took a sip of my black gold god to keep from having to answer.

“So why won’t you talk to me? I know how my cousin fucked shit up and I don’t plan on questioning you about it. Much.” Pam smirked. What’s up with them and them smirking?

I realize I won’t get out of this, so I decided that the best offense is the best defense and waved my hand toward her letting her know to ask away. The sooner I get this over with the better off I’ll be.

“Did you break up ’cause you realized you were to good for him?” She asked with an ‘I knew it’ air about her.

I realized he didn’t tell his cousin what happened between us and wasn’t sure what to say and I again just shrugged my shoulders. Pam gave me that icy look that Eric always gave me when he wanted me to tell him the secrets I had about him from my friend when we were little, I always cracked. I hated that look.

“Ok, ok, I’ll tell you Pam.” I said exasperatedly.

I downed the rest of my coffee and sat a little taller as I gave Pam the unedited version of the events. Pam gave me a sympathetic look before she hit me with a whammy.

“I’m sorry to tell you this Sookie, but Eric is coming to visit me in a few days and he didn’t say whether he was going to seek you out or not.” Pam said softly.

Wait he knew where I was and he’s visiting his cousin? “How long has he known I was here. I told Gran not to tell anyone where I was.” I said sounding more assured.

“I didn’t know you were here and I only told him about Amelia and he said he was coming to visit.” She said in a confused voice and then a look of shock came across her face.

“When I told him Amelia’s name he asked for her last name and he said it was because he was friends with an Amelia Broadway. I confirmed that was the one and he got quiet and said he’d call me back. When he did he said he’d be here Thursday. He may only want to say hi.” She said in an unconvinced voice. I just nodded my head and decided to study.

I studied the whole weekend, went to class and studied Monday and Tuesday, but went to sleep Tuesday night with a sore throat and woke up Wednesday with a fever and rainbow colored sniffles galore. I rolled over burrowing under the blankets and thanked God I didn’t have classes the rest of the week due to my one teacher having surgery and the other having the same cold I have now, so I get a break. Yay.

A few hours later I wake up to voices, none of which I recognize and don’t care. I make my way to my bathroom and hope no one comes in my room while I’m there(Ames has a habit of doing just that). I use the bathroom, wash my hands and brush my teeth. I don’t see the point of brushing my hair when I’m just going to climb back in my bed. When I exit my bathroom I thankfully don’t see anyone there and change my shirt and climb back in bed.

“How are you feeling, Sookie?” CRAP!!!


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