“Sophie, what are you doing here?” Eric asked forcefully.


“You were taking so long, I just came by to see if she was trying to steal you from me.” She said so matter of fact like he should have known.


That was it! I couldn’t believe she would even say that. I found out she was just being catty as I stood up to see her smirk.


“Sophie, that was uncalled for. I said I was checking on Sookie.” Eric said bitingly. I couldn’t do this, this bitch had to go.


“Look bitch, I don’t want him. We’re done, take him and get the fuck off my property!” I screamed at her and turned to go inside. I was so done with this crap.


“Eric, see white trash. I told you that you could do better. She’s not in our same financial class.” Sophie Ann claimed as if she had just proved a point.


“What the he-” I cut Eric off before he could try to tame his shrew.


“White trash? Really? That’s what you talk about Eric? How I’m white trash and beneath you. Well, Sabrina bitch , I’ll be your white trash. Keep talking and I’ll how many colors of trash I can be for you.”

I yelled not caring who heard. I spotted Eric get a little hard at my display. The Euro bitch looked chastised, she hopped in her car and took of down the driveway.


“Sook-” Eric managed to say before I cut him off.


“Get out of here Eric. We have nothing else to talk about. Recap: you took my virginity after you cheated on me, then dumped me, then allowed your Euro bitch girlfriend come to my house to be a catty bitch. Is that everything, are we good? Please go and forget what we had or what I thought we had. Oh and friendship really? You flaming bag of shit water! Why would I want to be your friend. You fucked up royally.” I bit out every word before I turned back to the house as he calls me back. I keep walking.




Once inside I go to the kitchen to apologize for everything that happened out front, I’m sure Gran heard it all.


“Well, I don’t think I would have handled it any different actually. If some girl or woman showed no shame as if it was my fault she was a wearer of the Scarlet A. I probably would have gotten my good ‘ol shot gun out and introduced her.” Gran laughed. I was shocked Gran would condone that kind of violence. I was tired from everything that’s happened so far and told Gran I wanted to lay down and turned to head up stairs.


“Sookie, for what it’s worth I’m glad you didn’t go with the memory loss of a years and went with just a few weeks. You woulda had a snowball effect of lies.” She said before turning back to chopping vegetables.



When I went into my room I my cellphone was beeping I had a message. I’m glad I didn’t take my purse with me when I jumped out of Eric’s car.


‘hey grl where r u? missing a awesome vacay’ That was one of my besties; Tara. I’ll call her later. I guess she hasn’t talked to anyone from Bon Temp or she would have been home already. Right now I’m wishing that I went with them to NOLA, but I wanted to stay here with Eric. Only thing if I went, I’d have come home to this shit, on the other hand I wouldn’t be dealing with it at all and I wouldn’t be the town celebrity. I shook my head out my musing a new message coming through. I didn’t even hear my phone chirp, huh?


‘baby please don’t end this. at least be my friend. I’m sorry’ That was Eric, why was…,ugh! I replied.


‘why are u doing this to me?’ I probably should have ignored him, but part of me can’t and part of me doesn’t want him filling up my inbox with his texts. Something I’ve realized over the years that Eric is a part of me as I am a part of him. I suppose it will always be that way. Before I could get lost in the meaning of life another text can through.


‘I know what I did was wrong and I don’t excuse it, but please baby. I need u’


What in the hell?


save it eric. u already proved how you need and or want me so stop please’


‘I never wanted to be with her. after it happened I figured i’d tell u what happened and u wouldn’t believe me anyway so would jus date her for a while’


That just sounds stupid. What fuck is he thinking?


‘wtf eric? I have no idea what ur trying to say so stop trying to explain something I no longer care about’


‘fuck sookie I made a mistake. please i’ll spend my life making up 2 u’


Somebodies pissed, why should he be when he cheated on me. Fucker.


‘u seem pissed. Did someone cheat on u? thas what it sounds like’


‘ yes someone did cheat on me. when I cheated on u I cheated myself. I don’t know how this happened. I actually think I may have been drugged but I have no proof’


How poetic!


‘drugged eric? Really? If u were drugged why didn’t u do anything about it huh?’


‘I didn’t remember that night and I only remember drinking one drink and didn’t have a hangover. What would that tell u. I may not have even cheated.’


why didn’t u come to me first eric? Before u ruined my life. Knowin’ changes nothing. u chose to keep that secret and still fuck me. u could’ve told me when we hadn’t gotten naked yet. Is that why u been avoiding me?


‘at first I wanted it to be special for u then I realized I had to come clean before u hear from somewhere else with added details that never happened’


‘doesn’t matter now does it eric? I gave u all of me, mind body and soul and u threw it away. Drugged or not eric u chose to wait and tell me days after I gave u my virginity, I can’t trust u’


‘i’m sorry baby please i’m so sorry. Just let me make this up 2 u please.’


‘jus stop eric. Stop bothering me when i’m ready 2 b ur friend I will be but not b4 i’m ready k’


We continued to text back and forth for the next month. During that time I asked gran to transfer me to Shreveport High and that fell through. Gran said a Stackhouse woman never runs from a problem, but stands up holding her head high and keeps it moving. I had to agree, I don’t run, I don’t hide. I fight.




3 thoughts on “NO IN BETWEENS

  1. Oh Sophie you had some nerve calling Sookie “white trash” ! Eric seems so lost without Sookie but he deserves to suffer a little bit! Or did Sophie actually put some kind of drug in Eric’s drink cuz she is so desperate?!

  2. Like now he says maybe Sophie drugged him? That doesn’t explain why he kept seeing her, broke up with Sookie so they could “see other people” or picked Sophie up right after he broke up with Sookie.

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