Ultimum Folium CH.4

A/N: Sorry this is late, time gets away from me. I can’t promise it won’t happen again, but I’ll try to get each chapter out on time.



Seeing Sookie enter the gallery was a breath of fresh air even for a vampire. Eric was a little put off by seeing so many men even women staring at her in awe or jealousy, he couldn’t tell anymore.
Sookie walking in with Russell Edgington made Eric’s blood lust raise a few pegs, but it quickly dissipated when he heard Russell’s girlish giggle and had to contain his smile. She stared at the painting realizing everything Eric saw in her and for once she was believing every compliment he gave her and took it to heart.

Eric was about to approach them when Bill ‘fucking’ Compton decided to sidle up to Sookie and raise her ire in a few words. Eric’s too. He waited and listened for his time to intervene as she could verbally contend with the best of them as the humans say. They had our own matches in the past, Eric only regretted the recent ones all the others were like foreplay before they finally fully consummated what their attraction had been telling them all along. Now Eric could truly say he loved Sookie since after the work she did in Dallas. Seeing her care so deeply for those who showed her no care at all regardless of their race of human, vampire, Were and Fairy. Back then she didn’t even know she was Fae, but unknowingly her magical allure brought them all to her. What has that done for her?

After standing in the shadows reminiscing when Compton comments about her posing for the artist as if it were for Hugh Hefner. Eric had to step in then, “Mr. Compton, now would not be a good time to mock Miss Stackhouse.” Eric said with authority just behind Bill. When he turned around and saw how close Eric was standing his face almost made Eric laugh out loud. “Don’t want to have a…..” Eric was saying with his signature smirk before he was interrupted by his one and only true wife..Sookie.
“A look see at all the other interesting works of art.” She said with a grace only a southern belle could afford. Eric could only widen his smirk as he waved Bill off and turned to see Russell had left him and Sookie alone and she looked part excited and part nervous with her bottom lip between her teeth.

“You’re here.” Sookie sighed as if she were holding her breath.

“Yes, I heard the vampire exhibits are having quite the turn out.” Eric attempted casual, but he knew Sookie could tell he held his breath too.

“Oh, It’s beautiful works. I wonder who did all these? They’re each done differently and for that matter who did this one?” Sookie gestured to the painting of the woman on the beach.

“Do you like it? It appears that the artist has captured the colors of an afternoon sun that seems worshipful of the woman present.” Eric said almost wistfully.

While Eric described the painting Sookie stared at the painting as if feeling the words Eric was describing. Eric stared at her with all the love he showed each brush stroke that met the canvas. Eric wondered if Sookie was only starring at the painting with so much only to avoid him. He was ready to leave her, but his nonexistent heart wouldn’t allow him. Then she turned around and she smiled with glassy eyes.

“Congratulations, it’s beautiful. Does anyone know?” Sookie asked.

“Just you. I’ve forgotten how clever you are.” Eric answered with a smile. “How did you figure it out?” Eric asked not at all amazed Sookie had figured it out. It would have been odd if she hadn’t.

“At first I was so captivated I hadn’t realized who has really took the time to see me this way? But listening to your description and you staring at me with the look on that handsome face sealed it for me.” Sookie said with a small smile.

Eric wondered how she knew he was watching her while he was describing her painting, she was staring at the painting lovingly so. Sookie never ceased to amaze him with her quick wit and cleverness so much so he was not surprised she figured it out. Eric believed he would always drift to Sookie, but with Sookie’s next words she didn’t believe it herself.

“Your wife allowed this?” She asked with obvious disdain.

“Freyda never knew and she won’t get the chance.” He said in a devious tone.

“How? I’m sure she wouldn’t let her eyes off her prize.” She spit in an equally devious tone.

That last bit pushed Eric over his limit and he said something he could never take back.
“Not when I left her in a rumpled mess in bed!” As soon as the words left his mouth he knew he went too far before even seeing Sookie’s face drop. As a traitorous tear slip down her face Sookie squared her shoulders dipped into a curtsey. “Good evening your majesty.” Sookie said as she nodded her head and quickly walked away and out of the gallery doors.
Eric stared as she made her way out and knew he probably lost Sookie. Possibly forever this time

“You really screwed pooch as the humans say.”

A/N: Wow, that reunion didn’t go quite as hoped. The night is still young so…..
Thank you mysecretO for all the help you’ve given me and congrats on your new awesome story!


2 thoughts on “Ultimum Folium CH.4

  1. Oh my! loved how Eric described the painting to her and Sookie understood immediately Eric was the one who did it! But Eric why did you say that about Freyda!? I would have left too if were Sookie!

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