Ultimum Folium CH. 8

A/N: Sorry it’s taken so long. I have been dealing with colds that went back and forth with the flu causing a non-stop flare-up. I had to end this story with the promise there will a follow up story. However, when I’ll be lucid enough to do it is up in the air.


Eric truly had no idea how far Sookie was trying to go in order to getaway… He didn’t know that she stayed in Bon Temps, Louisiana in order to stay in close contact in case she was needed, now she had no reason.

Until now.

CH. 8

Sitting on the plane while it taxis on the airport tarmac to unload passengers and etc..
Sookie couldn’t help but wish Eric had come back..come home for other reasons rather than some vampire pr. stunt. And he was now king, he never wanted to be king?!? She wondered what that was all about? Eric never wanted the pomp and circumstance that surrounded the position or the responsibility over more vampires than were in his area as sheriff? Sookie realizes the questions will never be answered if she leaves (or runs is a better word for it), but you know. Going back is not a step back, but a jump or leap to where she was never really wanted. That jump or leap as it were could be the end of everything she has come to know of herself.

From a young age Sookie was considered weird or crazy because her telepathy whenever she answered an unasked question or repeated something someone thought. Instead of owning up to what was repeated by Sookie, she was called crazy for her wild ideas when she just said what they were hiding. She soon found out that the things she heard weren’t necessarily actually spoken and would dearly pay for it for her remaining years in that small town with their ignorance and intolerance. It was never believed there was possibilities and here she is with a plethora of possibilities that could mean so much more for her, but after so many years living such an unchanging life that now it’s here for the taking and Sookie is so scared.

When the time came for Sookie to prove her love for Eric she ran and she’s running now, but when there was actual danger she was stationery, standing still to show her strength. Right now though Sookie didn’t feel the strength she showed in the face of danger. Maybe it was time to move on and not hold her self to those old southern beliefs, but what did moving on mean? Moving away, leaving the country may be a stretch and maybe it’s what’s needed? Questions with no answers. Sookie was lost in thought when she heard her flights departure announcement and she stared at the gates walking slowly toward it wondering if she was making a mistake when suddenly someone grabbed her and spun her around.


Sitting behind the desk in his office at the Palace he built between Bon Temps and Shreveport Eric tried to figure where it all went wrong. After some years of being a beautiful body guard and sex slave to the Queen of Oklahoma, Eric called an old friend who he happened to know was getting bored in France. He then suggested there was a young queen who did not know how to keep her throne that was ripe for the taking. All this said without provocation or telling who such royal was of course. As it was easy to find out.

The supernaturals were quite the gossips. With that in mind Eric let on he’d be in Las Vegas entertaining his king leaving the state rather unprotected. Knowing this an old friend of his, Jacques was on the next flight to Oklahoma with his five children. Jacques only ever needed his children to wage war as he picked warriors to turn and spoiled them just as much as Eric did with Pam. With the amount of devotion Jacques showed as a maker his children were fiercely loyal and that is why he had control over Oklahoma in under an hour.

Eric felt it was a debt he could never repay, but Jacques felt they were even as Eric had saved him from the true death in his early years. However, that is a story for another time.

After receiving the call stating Freyda had met the true death and Oklahoma was under a new rule Eric made his way to King Felipe De Castro’s office. After spreading the wonderful news Eric Northman ended up three states richer and an over zealous sovereign lighter.

“Those were the days”, Eric said with a small smile thinking of Jacques and the kingdom he left behind.

Eric quickly got back to work and got lost in bills, requests from sheriffs and vampires visiting court. He became agitated in the monotonous requests to reside on or near the palace grounds when a ringing brought him back to the moment. Looking up Eric saw his phone lighting up ringing and nearly vibrating off the side of his desk. As he grabbed it he saw the name on the caller id, Maxwell Lee.

“Northman”. He stated in his kingly baritone.

“Miss Stackhouse is waiting to board a connecting flight..” Maxwell Lee said not letting the pity sound in his voice for the lovers.

“Shit! Make sure she doesn’t board, I’ll be right there.” Eric Sat ramrod straight preparing hightail to the airport.

“Handled. I glamoured the technician to do double checks before takeoff. That should buy you another twenty minutes.”

“Thank you Maxwell. I’m on my way” Maxwell Lee was the only vampire outside Pam and Jacques he’d ever thank.

Eric ended the call without waiting for a response and remembered Sookie saying something about phone etiquette and smiled as he vamped out the front door and took to the night sky. Eric flew so fast he assumed he broken the speed of sound. He’d have to test that one day.

Landing on the side of the airport main entrance, Eric gave himself a few seconds to gather his wits about him and think of what he wants to say. After a few more seconds Eric entered making his way to the departures area where Sookie was apparently waiting. Waiting to leave him, forever. Staring at Sookie as he approached seems like so long ago that he just watched her, in reality it was long ago and seemed longer because they were torn apart by a sadistic maker and a contract wielding queen. Eric decided enough and he approached.


“We need to talk” Eric nearly whispered as he spun her to face him.

“Why are you here?” Sookie asked in annoyance.

“Tempers flared and nothing was said.” Eric said quick and soft in that tone that brokered no argument. For some reason unknown to Sookie, she missed that tone. Badly.

“Well, a day late and a dollar short. I’m waiting for my flight. I’m leaving.” Sookie said fighting her unshed tears. Damn emotions!

“It won’t take long.” Eric pleaded.

“We have years to catch up on and you think this will be a quick conversation?” Sookie said rolling her eyes.

“Then let us go talk and if you still want to go.. I’ll pay for your ticket.” Eric said with his puppy dog eyes Sookie used to fall for. Thankfully she still did.

To Eric’s relief Sookie nodded and stood up. Eric lead her to a waiting room for overnight standby/waiting flights. Upon entering the room and closing the door Eric turned on the light switch and closed the blinds in the windows. It’s not the privacy he would prefer. But it’s something.

“Thank you for talking to me.” Eric gave a small smile.

“Mm-hmm, right. Carry on then, I’m here. What do you want to talk about?” Sookie asked while settling her hands on her hips.

“I said some things to you tonight that I shouldn’t have.” Eric said hoping she’d listen.

“Is that all? Eric you really didn’t have to, I get it. You’re king now and you shouldn’t have to explain or even tell me anything. Freyda mu..” Sookie got out before an angry Viking slammed his hand on the marble counter top causing the marble to crack and crumble in some places.

“You presume to much.” Eric said in an angry tone. “While I was away in Nevada There was a takeover in Oklahoma. Freyda has met the true death.” Eric said as he sat on the lumpy couch near to the counter.

“So what you’re king of Oklahoma now?” Sookie asked puzzled. She knew Eric never wanted to be king and how that happened was questioning in itself.

“No, I am the new king of Louisiana.” Eric said straightening poster in pride a king should always show.

“Louisiana? What happened to De Castro?” Sookie asked puzzled while excited to be free of the Spaniard in a cape.

“I will explain, but not here and now. I will tell you that I may or may not have went to visit De Castro leaving Oklahoma without protection from a takeover. The rest is self explanatory.” Eric said with an air of false innocence.
Sookie was silent as she processed what Eric just told her. She’d never thought Eric would go against her king and queen like that, but then again he was never in a position to. Maybe there is hope, but that still remains to be seen.

“So, what you’re saying is… you’re free? We’re free?” Sookie asked then she did let those unshed tears fall. They fell in relief, they fell for that couple she knew so long ago and mostly they fell for that girl who finally has the chance to get everything she’s ever been denied.

“Alright let me get this straight, your the king of three states? Did you want that? There was no other way?” Sookie quick fired her questions as Eric just smirked at her much missed ramble that wasn’t witnessed often.

“No, I am only king of Louisiana. I gave Nevada to Karin and Arkansas to Russell Edgington. Karin is obviously old enough and loyal, Nevada will be well taken care of. Edgington got me in touch with an old friend who was laying low out of boredom in France who took Oklahoma. Then in thanks I gave Russell Edgington in thanks.” Eric said like it was a matter of fact.

“That’s it, no monarchs after me? It’s over.” Sookie said looking at Eric with hopeful eyes wiping her tear stained cheeks.

“I wouldn’t say that.” Eric said as he stepped closer to Sookie cupping her cheek.

“Huh” Was Sookie’s intelligent response.

“The new king of Louisiana wants his wife back and this time no one separate them.” He whispered softly while hugging her closer.

Smiling Sookie placed her hand on Eric’s chest whispering in return. “That proposal is seriously lacking, your majesty.”

Smiling Eric replied, “We are in an airport, not sure any proposal would be accurate.”

“Both of us being here is enough.” Sookie pressed smiling her familiar watery smile.

Eric turned holding Sookie’s hands between them while smiled asking the one question his Sookie longed to here from him. “Sookie Stackhouse would you do the honor of becoming my wife?”

Sookie smiled nodding while crying silent happy tears, “Forever..” Sookie breathed.

AN: Well my lovelies it seemed like a good place to end. This chapter has actually had been finished for awhile. After being so sick my MS went into a flare-up and I started going to physical therapy to help bounce back and let me tell you it’s working’)


10 thoughts on “Ultimum Folium CH. 8

  1. Thank you very much for sharing this story, it was fantastic. I suffer with arthritis and fibromyalgia amongst other things, so I really appreciate what it takes to write and post your stories. I hope the therapy continues to go well for you. Take care and thank you.

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