Ultimum Folium CH.2

Mornings these days were difficult for Sookie, it reminded her of her empty nights and lonely bed.
The attempt at a normal relationship with long time friend Sam Merlotte was an idea born of dreams of normalcy not love. All attempts left Sookie lonely with thoughts of coulda, woulda, shoulda that left Sookie depressed and empty.

However, today..today would be different. Sookie decided today she would venture out to the lovely town of Monroe to the Piggly Wiggly to grocery shop instead of shopping in town. However, today when she entered grabbing a cart with her mind ready to start living again. The idea for Sookie to live again was shot down with stares from soccer moms and the elderly. Sookie just ignored their watchful eyes and strolled to the produce and began picking fruit and vegetables while consciously avoiding lemons. That’s when it began.

‘She looks just like her, I wonder if it’s her.’

‘I bet she buys True Blood before she finishes.’

‘How did she manage to get a vampire to paint her?’

All snippets of thoughts came rushing in causing her to bring her shields up, being in the house for so long she hadn’t realized she never put her shields up when she left the house. Sookie had been so lost in thought she hadn’t heard any thoughts and now there was the reminder she would never be just a regular human. The one Sookie thought she was.

Once Sookie got herself together she finished shopping amongst the stares and glares. Sookie road home wondering what they all were thinking. Putting it out of her mind Sookie decided to go and have a day of beauty at the local salon since she inherited so much money from her cousins after they had died. Her Fairy Godmother and cousin Claudine had left her a hefty sum after she died in the Fairy war then her cousin Claude had gone back to Fairy after trying to overthrow the Prince of the Fae and reopen the portals to Fairy. Sookie assumed he died when she received a letter stating she was the owner to Hooligans a strip club owned by the deceased Fairy siblings along with what her cousin Claude had in the bank, other accounts around the world and a few properties. Through her lawyer and sponsor Damon Cataliades, Sookie sold the club and a few of the properties leaving the ones in Sweden and France. The inheritance left her a billionaire and she never went back to work once Sam began dictating her life causing her become an introvert. However today…today that would end she’d go out and live her life. She could afford to go places and see things. Now she was heading for a day of beauty and surprisingly local gossip.

When Sookie pulled into the parking spot in front of the only salon in Bon Temps and tightened her shields before even stepping out of the car. Upon entering stares and glares met her once again.
“How can I help you?” Asked the woman behind the desk.

‘Like you need our help when you got vampires to keep you young’

After hearing the receptionists thoughts, Sookie attempted to strengthen her shields.

“I would like a wash and a mani/pedi.” Sookie said with a smile hoping to seize more comments, but today wasn’t her lucky day.

‘Oh, her vampire or vampires sending her for the works? Here!?! Must be a tax write off’

Sookie just didn’t get it, it has been years since she’s been associated with vampires or any other Supe really, so what’s going on? Sookie sat at the sink she was instructed to sit at and attempted to relax, but relaxation never came.

Sookie sat and retrieved what seemed like the best service according to a thought that hoped her vampire spread the word about the salon. While waiting for her nails to dry Sookie heard it and it was shocking.

‘She’s so beautiful in person no wonder why the vampire painted her.’

With that last thought Sookie paid for her treatments, tipped hefty then left deciding she was going to go back to the art gallery in Shreveport and see this famous painting.

A/N: Thank you My Secret O with the ideas and giving the courage to write again. I hope this story can get finished before I get sick again. I will go back to my other stories, finish and re-post them, I promise:)


2 thoughts on “Ultimum Folium CH.2

  1. I wonder what Sookie is going to do when she finally realizes she is the one portrayed in those famous paintings…so glad Sookie is not working as a barmaid anymore! She deserves better…

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