Ultimum Folium CH.3

A/N: Yay! I finally got libreoffice working and updated as soon as possible. My awesome friend MySecretO did a read over for me and she liked it, that’s a compliment to the extreme from such a pro;) I hope you all do too!
Once I retrieved my chapter back, I fixed and/or a sentence here and there. Any errors are my own since I felt the need to change or add.


After Sookie’s supposed day of beauty that eventually turned into an info fishing expedition to the identity of a painting. It was of an apparent fang banger that resembled her. Sookie went home to dress in her new Heath Ledger dress and black stiletto boots she suspected Pam sent her. She had to go see this supposed painting of herself. Putting on her makeup Sookie imagined herself as a cover girl and model posing for pictures and paintings, but knew she’d never be that pretty or desirable. Either way Sookie was ready for her night at the gallery.

Arriving at the gallery Sookie saw the long lines and wondered if she should turn around until she heard a familiar voice.

“Miss Stackhouse, lovely to see you. Are you here to sign autographs?” Said Russell Edgington nearly giggling.

“Your majesty” She smiled and did a small curtsy. “What you talking about?” Sookie asked the Mississippi king.

“Oh, to see the famous painting of the famous telepath.” He smiled.

“What are you talking about? I never posed for a painting!” She said indignantly.

“Well… shall we see this painting anyway?” Russell said giving her his elbow to escort her straight into the gallery. As always vampire royalty doesn’t wait in line.

Upon entry they gained a lot of notice. Sookie guessed seeing the Mississippi monarch with a woman. At least she hoped…

“You bring me a new popularity amongst the masses my dear.” Russell nudged her smiling. She just looked at him.

As they turned the corner Sookie began picking up voices of the humans seeing her approach.

“Is that her? She really is very beautiful in person.”

“Is that the vampire who painted her? He seems..I don’t know…gay?”

“I’m prettier than her, I bet I can get painted..”

She heard tons of voices saying the same thing and shut her shields quickly. Sookie tried to ignore the stares, but even the vampires seemed interested. That’s not a good thing. However, it lead them to the infamous painting and she was shocked.

“Here we are darling and you look..” Russell got out before she cut him off in shock.

“Beautiful! It’s beautiful!” she said in utter shock.

“Why Miss Stackhouse you make a lover of nights yearn for a horizon.” Russell sighed.

Sookie stared in awe as everyone just murmured or at least sounded like murmuring to her muddled brain. She didn’t know who would’ve painted this, he or she had her features right, but still who? Sookie knew tons of vampires but none who she knew that intimately, but two…

“It’s good to see you see you!” Said an overly eager ancient native cutting off my inner monologue.

“Hello Bill it’s been awhile.” Sookie attempted gracefully. Bill decided to follow Eric to Oklahoma to report back home of Eric’s dalliances with the queen and donors to whoever wanted to listen, but mainly her. Sookie wasn’t so upset with Eric as that’s what a royal consort is suppose to do. It hurt her, but not as much as Bill’s conniving attitude did. He was actually upset she wasn’t that mad about it.

“So, it’s a big turn out.” Bill said with a fake smile.

“I guess. Whoever the artist is, I’m sure they are happy with the turn out.” Sookie said taking the high road deciding not to entertain whatever it is Bill’s trying to pull.

“You never told me you posed for anything other than your cousin romance novel cover.” Bill said smugly as if it were some point for him.

“Helping my cousin was a one time deal and you know that. I didn’t pose for anyone else, so don’t seem so happy!” Sookie’s kindness and patience ran out.

“Mr. Compton, now would not be a good time to mock Miss Stackhouse.” Came a deep and throaty voice behind them in the crowd. It was the voice Sookie had most wanted to hear in years and here was her chance.

“Your majesty.” Said Russell with a quaint bow.

“Your majesty?”


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