Ultimum Folium CH.5

Last time:

Eric stared as she made her way out and knew he probably lost Sookie. Possibly forever this time.

“You really screwed pooch as the humans say.”


Eric was just there staring off to where Sookie had quickly exited the gallery and then he spoke.

“Pam, I have never..” Eric trailed off.

“Never what Master?” Pam asked in a disgruntled tone.

“In my thousand years have I ever bedded a Were!” Eric said as he spun around to stare down his child Pam

“Okay…what are you even talking about? You just ran Sookie off. With a comment that doesn’t even matter anymore might I add and you’re just standing around!” Pam said putting her hand on her hip.

“Pam! She is obviously set in her ways and opinions that she’d bring up my forced marriage to Freyda.” Eric whisper yelled.

“Oh, the marriage you didn’t tell her about? Besides she didn’t mean it the way you took it. I thought she was being sarcastically funny.” Pam huffed rolling her eyes.

“This is the first time we see each other in years and she commemorates the occasion with sarcasm? I’ve spent all these years plotting and when I finally am close enough to see and touch her, she proves me to be an idiot for trying so hard,” Eric mumbled.

“Does she know, Eric?” Pam asked softly.

“I didn’t get the chance to tell her before Sookie began with her sarcasm,” Eric said in a voice so eerily calm and devoid of feeling.

Pam rolled her eyes while saying, “After what she’s been through even after she finally gave up.”

Eric opened his mouth to say something when Pam cut him off before he was able to speak.

“You wouldn’t even tell her about the contract, Sookie figured it out on her own. Why ask? While trying to get the contract taken care of you forgot this was about her future too and ignored her questioning glances and her straight asking you what was going on. You never lie Eric, but you do avoid the truth as if it were the plague.” Pam said in a knowing tone.

“Pam you…” Eric attempted before being cut off.

“No! News flash, Eric we’re vampires and not susceptible to human diseases. Get over it and just tell her already,” Pam quietly sniped.

“Are you quite finished? I have things to do,” Eric said just before he vamped out the door to the things he had to do in which was to find his Sookie. He had a lot of explaining to do. Pam was right, but he’d never tell her that.


What was I thinking? She had come for one reason alone and that reason was to find out what painting everyone was talking about. Somehow it became a very revealing visit with Eric.
Sookie had only meant what was said as some levity and admittedly a poor choice of levity, but still. She was hurt by it all nearly fifteen years later. She stopped fighting him and the contract and against her broken heart made it easier for him to go and this is how he repaid her? Some childish dig about his queen a queen Sookie readily cared nothing for.

I could have told him of my time with Sam, but I didn’t for a few reasons. One: he probably already knows everything, Two: I don’t care to remember that colossal mistake.

Stepping into her car, Sookie let out the breath she had held since hearing Eric’s off handed gibe to her. Well, since his appearance really. Why couldn’t I just get away from it all? Why did I have to stay here and deal with this shit? She thought. Quite often actually. However, tonight.., tonight had pushed her to make some sort of decision.

As Sookie turned the key and the car came to life Sookie saw him standing on the side walk staring at her with his signature cold stare. After all this time his stare still got to her and gave her a cold chill down her back. She did the only thing she could before he saw her cry. Sookie pulled from the curb and drove away whispering, “I can’t live like this anymore.” knowing Eric could hear her.


Eric just stared as the tail lights disappeared into the night.

“What have I done?” Eric whispered into the darkness Sookie’s car left behind.

A/N: Hope this relieved your wondering minds, but I myself wonder what decision Sookie has made? Also after coming this far what will Eric do? Just wondering?


2 thoughts on “Ultimum Folium CH.5

  1. Oh gosh the main problem between these two lovers is always the same! Miscommunication! They really but really should talk

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