Ultimum Folium CH. 6

All recognizable characters belong to Charlaine Harris.

Last Time:

Eric just stared as the tail lights disappeared into the night.

“What have I done?” Eric whispered into the darkness Sookie’s car left behind.


Sookie had a decision to make and it was something she never wanted to do. Going home meant a return to safety, but all that’s changed now that Eric is the king of where ever.
Going back to Bon Temps seems to be going a step back and no return should feel like a failure.
Sookie felt every year piling on top of her and no reprieve. It all was so clarifying, it was time to move on. It was also lucky she gained those properties in her inheritance. A new move equals a new start.

She drove home to Bon Temps with a new hope in mind. She was going home to pack up a few things to take with her to her new destination. Having not decided whether she should go to France or Sweden. Sookie only packed a few of her sun dresses and matching shoes, she’d come back for the rest another time.

Rushing through her clothes to pack, Sookie found her memory box that was long forgotten when her husband divorced her. Going through the little notes from Gran to pick up milk and the schedule from her fist job Sookie found her last paycheck from Merlotte’s Bar and Grill laying next to the bullet she had sucked out of Eric’s chest. That moment showed her what lengths Eric would go to for her…no secure her. She always fought everything Eric tried to give her and everything he ever told her because of that one moment. He never tried to know her and always felt the need to dictate to her like she was one of the Louisiana vampires.

Maybe this was her break a chance long overdue to move away from a town that never wanted her anyway. It all seemed so easy, but moving to a new place with her limited traveling experience was a bit unnerving. Okay very unnerving, but it needed to be done.

With that Sookie finished packing her things, loaded her car and drove to the airport.


Eric rushed back into the gallery avoiding appreciating visitors that came to see his artwork, well the mystery vampires artwork. Eric was on a mission to find his progeny Pamela or Pam as she prefers to be called.

“She’s gone.” Eric said quickly in a panic.

“Well, what exactly did you expect?” Pam asked in her normal bored tone.

“Not this! She gives me sarcasm and just leaves me.” Eric growled as he paced the office Pam was hiding out in.

“She was being sarcastic towards Freyda not you and you gave her one more reason to not want to be around. That…is why she left.” Pam said with a matter of fact tone as she sat in the office chair.

Eric stopped his frantic pacing and turned his head to the ceiling closing his eyes. Thinking back on all the times he made a mistake or said the wrong thing he realized Sookie always fought back. What was so different?

Standing with his eyes closed tight Eric asked, “What is different this time? Sookie never ran from a fight whether it was hers or not.” It didn’t make sense to him that Sookie would leave after a few words being exchanged. He’ll just go to her home and apologize then explain everything to her and it will all be back to what it once was.

“You know…. You never really ever told her anything. You made plans and did what you always do as if she’s some human to follow.” Pam said as she tested the spin the office chair gave.

“I never ordered her around like some…” Eric turned to Pam saying before he trailed off into a whisper, “human.” He breathed before grabbing the phone out of his pocket to call his loyal vampires. As he was about to dial he was interrupted by Pam.

“This is not vampire business, this is Sookie business and I’m sure you’d rather be the first vampire she sees after your…altercation.” Pam said as the chair swiveled to a stop.
“You’re right.” Eric smiled as he vamped out the gallery and took to the sky.


“The only international leaving tonight is to the Oslo International Airport in Oslo, Norway that’s like 6 hours from Stockholm, Sweden. “The airport ticket agent said looking down at his computer information.

Sookie just stood there making sure if she wanted see Claude’s home in Stockholm when the ticket agent interrupted her musings.

“Are you taking this? If you are just so you know there’s two connecting flights, one to Fort Worth, Dallas from here then the from there to Frankfurt, Germany then to Stockholm, Sweden.” He said with a smile that seemed as fake as her ‘Crazy Sookie’ smile.

“How long will all this take?” Sookie asked while rubbing her eyes.

“About 9 hours give or take.”


3 thoughts on “Ultimum Folium CH. 6

  1. Interesting six chapters. Never imagined Eric as an artist. Thought of him working with wood or stone but never painting. So liking the new Eric, who is as confused as ever about Sookie’s reactions to him. Hoping Sookie doesn’t disappear completely. Looking forward to the next update.

  2. Hopefully eric will able to stop Sookie before she leaves for Stockholm…So glad to see Pam giving advice to Eric like the good old days…

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