Ultimum Folium CH.7

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Following Sookie home gave him some time to replay what happened at the gallery. Thinking maybe he could fix this, but how? If Eric knew Sookie as well as he thought Sookie wouldn’t be too happy to see him right now. The fire that draws Eric to her is what also forces him to make decisions for Sookie. Though she calls him ‘high handed’ and would tell him about making assumptions about her, sometimes those assumptions were spot on.

“You’re here.”

“Yes, I heard the vampire exhibits are having quite the turn out.”

“Oh, It’s beautiful works. I wonder who did all these? They’re each done differently and for that matter who did this one?”

“Do you like it? It appears that the artist has captured the colors of an afternoon sun that seems worshipful of the woman present.”

“Congratulations, it’s beautiful. Does anyone know?”

“Just you. I’ve forgotten how clever you are.
How did you figure it out?”

“At first I was so captivated I hadn’t realized who has really took the time to see me this way? But listening to your description and you staring at me with the look on that handsome face sealed it for me.”

If Eric had just stopped the conversation there Sookie would be here with him, but alas.

“Your wife allowed this?”

“Freyda never knew and she won’t get the chance.”

“How? I’m sure she wouldn’t let her eyes off her prize.”

“Not when I left her in a rumpled mess in bed!”

“Good evening your majesty.”

Had he not been so childish, she’d be here with him now discussing the next steps. However, here Eric was. Just trying to figure out how to fix another hole he has found himself in.

As Eric approached the skies above the Bon Temps homestead he saw that her car was gone. He then picked up the recent scent of emission fumes and had to wonder where Sookie was. Eric tried to decide if he should head back to gallery or see if he could follow Sookie and after looking in a window to clothes on the bed his decision was made.
For someone who constantly made sure her house was clean and everything in it’s place it was a little odd to see clothes on her bed. Each piece was neatly folded which begs the reason why she didn’t put it away. With that last thought Eric took to the air following the direction the fume took and after a few hours he arrived at the airport.


Sitting in the terminal waiting area Sookie went over everything that happened at the art gallery and found that maybe she shouldn’t have made the comment about being Freyda’s prize, but he didn’t have to go the extra mile with his return comment. She knew things had to have changed with him after all this time, but he didn’t change how he hurt her.
After sitting for an hour and getting cramped legs her flight began loading. As Sookie gathered her purse and carry on. Sookie began to have second thoughts that she was running away and staying to fight. What fight though? It wasn’t like it was a battle, it was just trying to find a piece of mind.

Once Sookie loaded onto the plane and put her carry on in the overhead storage compartment she took her seat next to the window and stared out into the window of the departure waiting area. She watched all the people moving around wondering where they were going or if they were also trying to get a piece of mind.
The flight attendant came by with her cart of magazines and other reading material. Sookie was glad to have something to take her mind off things. When the attendant handed a magazine to Sookie she dropped and bent over to pick it up missing the frantic vampire staring out the window as the plane was taking off. As Sookie sat up she realized they were rolling away and quickly located her seat belt and secured it. Trying to calm herself for taking another flight to Dallas. Sookie made some realizations.

It’s been years and Eric thinks he can come back here and I’ll just stop everything and jump on the Eric Northman bandwagon, the hell with him. Even though…

I love him.

Tina said it best “What’s love got to do with it?’. I’m suppose to stop being hurt and I’m suppose to not care that he left me. Well, save that bullshit for your wife buddy!


Glamour is the best vampire trait! Eric glamoured the ticket taker where Sookie’s scent was heavy then security at the terminal Sookie went through, but it was all for naught when he finally got into the terminal and Sookie’s flight was already taking off. He knew if he’d attempted to stop the flight he’d be seen as a terrorist. He had to figure out another way.
As Eric exited the airport he made calls to Dallas to be notified when Sookie’s flight arrived. What he didn’t know was when he glamoured the ticket agent, he only asked for where the flight she was on was heading not Sookie’s entire flight schedule. Once arriving in Dallas Sookie would have a thirty minute layover before heading to Frankfort, Germany then from there to Oslo, Norway all before heading to Stockholm, Sweden.
Eric truly had no idea how far Sookie was trying to go in order to getaway. He didn’t know that she stayed in Bon Temps, Louisiana in order to stay in close contact just in case she was needed, now she had no reason.

Until now.


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