Ultimum Folium CH.1

Sookie has let Eric go to Oklahoma without anymore fight as it seemed he had made his choice. Sookie has become a hermit and stays out of all supernatural business. Meanwhile Eric regrets not fighting harder for them. Eric has drowned himself in work and one Christmas night a chance t.v. station flipping moment, he happened upon ‘Thomas Kincade’s Christmas Collage’ and caught the end where friend and mentor Glen describes the painting he gifted the family to save their family home. In Glen’s description, Eric realizes Glen was describing Sookie and the love they had for each other that was lost after many miscommunications and moments of pride. Eric begins painting trying to capture the same amount of light Sookie gave off. Eric finds that his memories of fall becoming winter was the exact moment when the light was almost as perfect and bright as his Sookie.

After hearing of a new vampire artist Sookie checks out the R.W. Norton Art Gallery in Shreveport.
The museum only displayed the artwork by ‘the vampire artist’ after first dark when other vampires would be up and out to see it no doubt and purchase it. Looking through the museum, Sookie felt her heart longing for her vampire that was signed away by his maker. As she stepped closer to inspect the paintings, Sookie saw the most beautiful renditions of sunset and the afternoon sun. She asked how much was being asked for them and after being told they were not for sale, she inquired the vampires age as they would have to be new to remember an afternoon sun or sunset so robust. It made her mind flutter off to the late afternoons when she awaited her vampire. Finding out that the vampire was an unknown and only sent his paintings to be viewed as a thing of beauty by what is assumed evil beings. It was a message of goodwill that was certainly taking root in the humans present, many of which who didn’t care for vampires or their counterparts, ‘fang-bangers’.

Sitting in his office locked away painting glorious mornings where birds would soar and the scent of the wildflowers could be inhaled by butterflies and bees looking to pollinate the earth. Eric was thought to have gone mad staying locked away and no one knew of his hobby. That would change instantly when he received a phone call from his child Pam.

“Sookie came to the gallery tonight.”

“Really?” Eric asked almost haltingly.

“She looked the same maybe a little younger, pensive.” Pam said with concern.

“Pensive? What do you mean Pensive?” Eric asked setting his brush down.

“Like she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. However all that changed when she saw your paintings. Like she was lost.” Pam said with a lightness to her voice that Eric caught.

“Lost? Did you speak to her, Pam?” Eric asked hurried as if he could catch her, Sookie.

“I didn’t know she was there until she was leaving, but I did send Maxwell to follow her report back.” Pam said understanding Eric would want to know if there’s any changes since he left three years ago.

“Ok, I must go. I put your paintings away personally to make sure no one damages them. Goodnight, master.” Pam said as she hung up.

Still holding the phone to her ear after the call was disconnected Eric spoke once more before putting the phone down and picking up his brush. “Soon my Sookie.”

Immersed-1247303359 Sookie's light


A/N:Original artwork by Ekaterina Prozheyko,2006



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